Safe and pleasant travel in times of Covid-19

Safety and hygiene measures during our tours

Update: 8 November 2021

The Corona Covid-19 pandemic turned the entire world upside down. Despite the new obstacles, Boat Bike Tours has quickly and successfully found ways to adapt and resume its tours in order to continue to provide our guests with unforgettable and safe vacations. In the past two years we have adapted our travel concepts to the new situation and developed targeted measures. These have been specified in our safety and hygiene concept “Corona COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocol for cycling cruises 2021“. Thanks to these measures on board, we were able to make travel possible again in a safe, but also pleasant way.

Based on this clear protocol, the authorities allowed Boat Bike Tours to be the first passenger ship operator to resume operations in the Netherlands and Belgium in 2020 and 2021.

In this way we have proven that it is possible: Safe and relaxed travel despite Corona! And we are very proud that our guests have rated our trips on the independent Trustpilot platform with an average of 4.7 out of a maximum of 5 stars.

Travel and vacation are possible again

International travel has been possible again since mid-2021. The possibility of being vaccinated against Covid now played a decisive role. In the summer of 2021, around 98% of our guests were fully vaccinated against Covid-19, so that – taking the applicable hygiene measures – they could start and enjoy their vacation carefree.

Here you can see how safe and relaxed travel with completely satisfied guests took place during our bike and boat trips with additional safety and hygiene measures.

What are the rules for 2022?

Health, safety, and wellbeing are paramount. We know that, for the time being, we all still need to be careful. That is why we continue to adhere to all the necessary hygiene and safety measures that are specified by the competent authorities for cruises in the individual travel countries.

For most of our tours, all travelers are subject to the rules that are imposed by the relevant authorities in the country of travel at the time of the trip. Currently (as of Nov. 1, 2021) this means either fully vaccinated, recovered or tested for almost all trips within the EU for EU citizens. In short: If you are allowed to (enter) a country and are healthy, you can also check in with us on board and enjoy your journey.

For some so-called “partner tours”, the stipulation applies that only fully vaccinated or recovered persons may take this trip *.

What safety measures will be taken in 2022?

Now (November 2021) it is still unclear whether the Corona COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocol for cycling cruises 2021will also be applicable in its current form in the 2022 season for tours organized by Boat Bike Tours. The hygiene and safety measures for the prevention of infection (the so-called “Outbreak Prevention”) applicable to your trip in 2022 will be updated for the travel area in 2022. In the event of suspected cases of infection (“outbreak management”), action will be taken in accordance with the procedures for suspected infection with the Covid-19 virus (see Protocol 2021).

However, Boat Bike Tours ensures that the hygiene measures taken on board its ships will continue to offer the highest level of safety and recreational value in 2022.

Boat Bike Tours recommends vaccination against Covid-19

In all cases, the experiences from 2021 have shown that a full vaccination in the figurative sense opens almost all doors and removes any hurdles to safe and comfortable travel. For the reasons mentioned above, Boat Bike Tours urgently recommends all travelers, for their own safety and the safety of others, to start their 2022 trip only with full Covid-19 vaccination protection.

If the situation or the requirements should change significantly, we will update this page.

Would you like to know more?

Do you have any questions for Boat Bike Tours about travel and Covid-19? Then check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. Is your question not answered there or is the answer unclear? Then you are also very welcome to contact us.

Current travel information on the coronavirus can be found (in English) on the website of the Dutch government, or on the websites of your government, the government of your country of travel and your health authorities. If you are traveling to countries other than the Netherlands, please also visit and see the official government websites of these countries.


*: Partner-Tours for which either full vaccination or recovery is mandatory for participation are currently (as of Nov. 8, 2021) the bike and boat trips along the Danube with MV Carissima and MV Fortuna, as well as the new trip in Germany between Münster and Cologne with the barge Quo Vadis.