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Extra dates Sail & Bike Wadden Sea

First of all, we would like to announce some extra departure dates for our popular trip Sail & Bike Wadden Sea: The three-masted schooner Mare Fan Fryslân now also does this trip on the new departure dates 30 April, 14 and 21 May. The Wapen Fan Fryslân will also sail to the Wadden Sea in the summer vacations, on 2, 9, 16 and 23 July 2022. The trips Sail & Bike IJsselmeer (guided version) will not take place in 2022, but the individual trips Sail & Bike IJsselmeer & National Parks with the three-masted clipper Elizabeth will take place as usual.

How was 2021? – looking ahead to 2022

We have all hoped for a “normal” 2022 season, but the developments in autumn 2021 do not yet indicate a “very normal” year. The fact that large portions of the population, but especially the vast majority (approx. 98%) of our joint guests who traveled with us in the 2021 season, have now been vaccinated, has enabled Boat Bike Tours to organize and carry out wonderful and carefree tours without incident as of June 2021, while observing all precautions.

What will be the rules in 2022?

Health, safety and well-being are paramount to Boat Bike Tours. We are aware that we all need to remain cautious for the time being. Therefore, we continue to adhere to all necessary hygiene and safety measures set by the government for cruises in individual travel countries.

For all trips for which Boat Bike Tours is the organizing tour operator, all travelers must comply with the government regulations in effect in the travel country at the time of their trip. Currently (status Nov. 1, 2021) for almost all trips within the EU for EU citizens this means either vaccinated, cured or negatively tested. In general, the following applies: If a traveler is allowed to enter a country and is in good health, she/he can also check in with us on board and participate in the tour.

What safety measures will be taken in 2022?

At this time (November 2021), it is not yet entirely clear whether the “Corona COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocol for cycling cruises 2021” can continue to be used in its current form for all trips organized by Boat Bike Tours in the 2022 season.

The hygiene and protection measures to prevent infection (so-called “Outbreak Prevention”) that apply to your trip in 2022 will be updated for each specific travel area in 2022.

In the event of suspected infection (“Outbreak Management”), action will be taken in accordance with the 2021 procedures (see Corona Protocol 2021).

Boat Bike Tours will ensure that the measures on board its vessels in 2022 will provide the highest possible level of safety while ensuring maximum comfort and vacation enjoyment.

Boat Bike Tours highly recommends vaccination against Covid-19

In all cases, the experiences of 2021 have shown that a full vaccination in a figurative sense opens almost all doors and removes any barriers to safe and comfortable travel. For the above reasons, Boat Bike Tours strongly recommends all travelers, for their own safety and the safety of others, to start their trip in 2022 only with full Covid-19 vaccination protection. Then nothing will stand in the way of a safe and relaxing bike cruise!

The above rules and policies apply from publication date until further notice. If the situation or government requirements change significantly our policies will be updated.

All relevant information on Covid-19 related issues can be found on our consumer website at the dedicated Corona Update page and at our FAQ. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].


Update: November 10, 2021