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Fantastic holiday on Amsterdam but avoid De Willemstado scratch

18 Jul 2023

Johannes Rottier

We liked the concept of the mobile water hotel and biking from there. The fundamental infrastructure is sound and everything is there for a very nice and satisfying vacation. We enjoyed the entire experience on the Amsterdam. We did however unfortunately experience some unsatisfactory effects of poor execution on De Willemstad. Notably the maintenance of the bathroom and cabin (plug of basin not working, water damming up in shower and around toilet, shower curtain covering shower floor, showerhead (De Willemstad Cabin 216) loose A/C surround fell over and noisy vibrating A/C. On the cycling side nice bicycles again poorly maintained (Light missing, light hanging loose, brakes not working due to adjustment, gears slipping due to adjustment. No action in a week on any of defects reported on De Willemstad

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