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The time is past when traveling solo was something unusual and strange. These days, many travelers choose to travel solo, even when they are in a relationship or have a family. It may be a matter of convenience – I have time off while my partner doesn’t – or it may be a matter of choice – I prefer to be by myself.

Either way, traveling solo can be a very sociable experience. You may prefer your own company, so being alone is fine for you. Otherwise, on a Boat Bike Tour you can find other travelers to spend time with when you want company. It’s a great option for traveling solo!
Here are some tips to ensure you have a fabulous solo vacation on a Boat Bike Tour:

Plan your Solo trip

1. Take a guided tour.

On our guided Boat Bike Tours, one of our excellent Tour Leaders guides your bike ride. You won’t have to worry about getting lost (or a flat tire), and the Tour Leaders are extremely knowledgeable about the places you’ll see. Not only that, but the people traveling on a guided tour soon become friends – something about spending that relaxed bicycling time together brings people together!

2. Take an independent tour.

On the other hand, if you prefer making the decisions yourself and enjoy spending time alone, take an independent Boat Bike Tour. You’ll still have help available via telephone, and the route guidance you’ll receive is all you’ll need to find your way each day. The advantage of doing an unguided tour solo is that you get to make all the choices: where to stop, what to see, which route to take, how fast to travel, and where to eat your picnic lunch! What a luxury!

3. Be friendly!

Go to the bar or on deck and join the other passengers in a drink or in watching the sunset. Simply start with “Mind if I join you?” If they’re busy having a private conversation, they’ll let you know and you can try somewhere else. But chances are they’ll be happy to include you in their conversation!
Don’t limit yourself to only having conversations with other solo passengers. Couples and families are always up for meeting new people too!
(And by the way, don’t assume that “solo” means “single.” Solo travelers come in all types!)

4. Get to know your table-mates.

An advantage of a Boat Bike Tour is that you’ll never go without dinner companions or have to walk into a restaurant alone. Eating dinner together each evening over a three-course meal gives you plenty of time to get to know your fellow diners. Ask about their lives!

You’ll find, over the course of a week, that you’ll develop some lifelong friendships over dinner. Sometimes these friendships grow so strong that the group reunites to do a Boat Bike Tour together again!

Who knows? You might even meet a special someone!

5. Bring a book.

On the other hand, if you prefer quiet time to yourself on the boat, bring a book along. Being social isn’t compulsory, so you can still find the peace and quiet to curl up with a book.

6. Enjoy the perks of a Bike Boat Tour!

Traveling solo can be hard when you move from place to place, especially having to move your luggage along with you. On a Bike Boat Tour, your luggage stays in your room every day while you travel. No more depending on strangers to help you lug your bags!

You’ll also have a cabin to yourself, as well as the en suite bathroom. You can choose when to sleep and when to shower without having to wait for anyone!

7. Tour on a small ship

Our smaller tours of under 40 people are particularly sociable, and if you take one of the smallest ships with a maximum of 20 people, you’re sure to get to know everyone really well!

Take a Boat Bike Tour.

You might not have considered a Boat Bike Tour to be an option for a solo traveler, but clearly it’s a great way to travel solo! We hope to see you soon!

Plan your Solo trip