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4 stars

Laura Olsavsky

Review Amended after discussions with company. Took multiple emails but the refund was located. What is still in dispute is a ‘processing fee’ they are charging because of the cancellation. Their policy apparently states that if ‘you’ cancel a processing fee is charged. We didn’t cancel – they did. The company cancelled our tour (September 2022) and gave us the choice for a refund or put the deposit toward another booking. We opted for the refund. It has been over two months and multiple emails and no refund has appeared. Too long to challenge via our credit card so we may be out the deposit. Buyer beware.

5 stars

Margaret Conde

Italy Tour – Mantua to Venice Guide and Crew were so friendly and made everyone feel very at ease. They were some of the most genuinely happy people. There was no stress planning or getting anything figured out once on the boat. Everything was in order and My husband and I could just enjoy the day. The food was some of the best food I had in Italy, and I ate quite a bit off the boat during my stay in other areas of the country. I was afraid we would not be able to eat out at restaurants easily but after eating the chef’s food, I didn’t want to. Still if you did want to, it was easy enough to do. As far as difficulty level on the bikes, we chose easy so that we could share the trip with older family member. The biking was as easy as advertised, we did level 1, we rode about 145 miles and it wasn’t hard. To help give you an idea… We don’t bike at home, we do basic fitness stuff (run about 1-2 miles a week) and would probably be considered healthy but not super in shape or obsessed with fitness. I had my Mom in her 60’s with me on an E bike and she did the whole thing with me just fine, and she never exercises. It was a good combo for us both. She got to relax on the E bike, and I got a light exercise. I think it was one of the most fun vacations we’ve ever been on together.

4 stars

Jerry Huiskamp

Our South Holland Boat Bike Tour was worth every penny. De Amsterdam is a wonderful cruise ship. The onboard meals were excellent, the crew was courteous and went out of their way to help any way they could. The cabins were well appointed and airy. We were given and uploaded GPX files for each day’s bike ride, however ended up using Fietsknoop, a Dutch app for following the waypoints for each day’s ride. The app worked out well. The only reasons not to give the tour 5 stars were: 1) The tour itself was operated by SE-Tours – a German company. All but 5 passengers spoke German, the rest of us English. Consequently, all daily briefings and speeches were conducted in German. For sure we received our own separate briefing which was gladly given, but we had to seek these out, 2) When my wife and I arrived to drop off our luggage on the ship, the crew’s passenger list did not include us. Later a representative from SE Tours arrived with a list that did include us but we had been moved to another cabin that we were not originally assigned to. This resulted in loosing our assigned bikes which are assigned by cabin, not by person. We also had to ask for the rear and front paniers, and air pump. We never did get the air pump. We feel there could have been better co-ordination between Boat Bike Tours and the tour operators.

4 stars


The boat, the Princess Diana, was wonderful. The entire boat was spacious and clean. The food was good. The guides for the bike rides were very good. I would have liked to have the option to self guide the bike rides a few days so we could explore leisurely. The Croatian people were gracious and hospitable. We felt welcome and learned about Croatian history and enjoyed Croatian foods. I would take another boat and bike trip in Croatia with Bike and Boat.

5 stars


Wonderful trip through the Croatian Dalmatia coat and national Park. Everyone on the boat was very welcoming and our two bike guides Dini and Kristofer were simply amazing.

5 stars

Karen Ann and Ed

The first leg of our trip was aboard the Magnifique IV for 8 days and it was marvelous. The ship, furnishings and bikes were in great shape, and the crew, guides and scenery were second to none. Plenty of good food and drink, for any waistline. Thanks so much for reorganizing this trip as many times as you did, to make it happen in these unsettled times.

5 stars

Marylise Ballarin-Devins

Another tour with a great pleasure, the guide was excellent and I’ve enjoyed the whole tour and the services on the boat, The crew was pleasant and available. The food also was very good even if it was a bit difficult to make them realise my diet problem the first days.

5 stars

Figen Ertas

Excellent food,excellent service… thankyou for everthing

3 stars

James Nelson

I would have given a better rating had Boat Bike Tours been more proactive in informing me of the Covid rules in France. I only learned about the Pass Sanitare a week before we left for France. This document is critical for visiting museums and other indoor facilities in France. I depend on the tour operator for giving us this type of information well in advance in order to avoid issues in the tour country. Also, the starting point of the tour was a very small town and when asked about transportation getting there, I received poor advice. We were able to overcome these issues and did have a great time on the tour and met a lot of very nice fellow bikers on the boat. I recommend this tour if you want to see a lovely area of France and some fascinating history.

5 stars

Marty & Donna Godin

Trip of a lifetime! We had the boat fully book with a total of 28 friends. The boat was Pape Prvi. The family & crew were outstanding. We were treated like family all week. Our two guides Mihael & Lucija were awesome! They prepared us extremely well for each days activities of breathtaking views, historical sites, towns & harbors along our routes. Safety was always first & foremost to ensure we all had a great experience…and we did! They also took the time to teach us each day about the Croatian language, flag, history & culture. What a beautiful county, people & culture to experience!!

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