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Shoulder to shoulder for success

We aim to offer guests an unforgettable travel experience and to always surprise them with innovative offerings. The key to our success lies in our mienskip. This Frisian word means ‘community’, but it represents so much more than that. Arising from the centuries-old Dutch struggle against water, it also means interconnectedness, trust and solidarity. At Boat Bike Tours, the mienskip in our company manifests itself in our passionate office team, experienced tour guides and skillful, motivated crew who stand shoulder to shoulder together.

Our guests are everything

Our guests’ wishes always come first. We want them to feel like they’ve found their second home on board our boats. Our friendly crews anticipate guests’ needs before they even know them themselves, delighting and surprising throughout the journey. And as genuinely personal connections develop on each tour, every trip becomes a uniquely special experience for all involved.

Trees for all

For good energy

Making things last is part of our philosophy, whether it’s memories, relationships or the wonders of nature. We’ve nurtured ongoing connections with boat owners, tour guides and guests who keep coming back. As a company that celebrates the beauty of our environment, we’re aware of its fragility and are working hard to cut our carbon footprint by reducing our waste, emissions and resource consumption. As we work towards net zero, we partner with offsetting organizations, who are doing wonderful work regreening the Earth.

Valuing differences and diversity

Equality and transparency are essential. We want to be an open and inclusive company where everyone is welcome and respected. We don’t like hierarchy and give our employees freedom to share their perspective, to self-manage and to fulfill their potential. We trust everyone to do their best, which results in a fantastically engaged team.