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What does my cabin look like

All cabins on board (your hotel room aboard) have their own private bathroom with a shower, toilet and washbasin.

Cabins are usually ‘twin cabins’: they nearly always have two single (low-placed) beds; on some ships a few cabins have a double bed, and some cabins may have (additional) bunk beds. Single cabins and cabins for three or four people, as well as the cabins on the upper deck, are not always available. Availability depends on your travel area and the type of ship. We can inform you about availability on request.

Please note that the cabins for three or four people usually have one or two higher bunk beds. Cabins on the upper deck are more expensive than the ones on lower decks. Please check a ship’s specific info page to find out more about the existing cabins.

Keep in mind that there is limited space on board and that wardrobes are small. This also means that storage requires a little bit of adaptability.