In our e-books you will find travel stories, route suggestions and lots of great photos. We hope you will find these personal stories and photos from our travels inspiring and that they will encourage you. Each e-book is free and you can easily request it.

E- book Unique travel adventures

We provide you with clearly defined routes, experienced and well-trained tour guides, delicious food with a great service and a friendly crew on board of our ships... in other words, everything you could wish for in an all-round great cycling and cruising vacation!

E-book Travelstories

You may have just enjoyed a tour with us, or perhaps you're about to set sail. In this e-Book you will find the travel reports of our guests. Gain new insights and get inspiration for your next trip!

E-book Boutique ships

Special encounters, a family atmosphere, comfortable accommodations and authentic travel experiences: this is what makes the boutique ships at Boat Bike Tours special. On these small but comfortable ships you travel with a maximum of 24 guests. This is how you make real contacts, sometimes even forming friendships for life. The captain is the owner of the ship and he knows the area like the back of his hand. That‘s why he (or she!) can tell you all about the country and its people, perhaps passing on insider tips as well! Our captains are supported by their well-established crew who take care of everything cheerfully. When can we welcome you on board?

E-book Tulip Tours

Spring in the Netherlands has its own special magic. And that's not least because of the colorful flower fields that make the landscape glow. Well, do you feel like getting on your bike and cycling through the Dutch tulip fields yourself? Discover our most beautiful tulip tours here!

E-book Water management

On a Boat Bike Tours holiday you make use of two sorts of infrastructure that make the Netherlands unique: waterways and bicycle paths. On both of them, you can’t escape seeing water management in action. As you cycle, you’ll see the polders – land that has been reclaimed from lakes or the sea – as well as reservoirs and dikes. While on board the ship you’ll experience what it is like to sail through a lock.

E-book Travelstories Charter tours

Are you looking forward to going out with your (cycling) club, a group of friends or your family? Are you looking forward to making up for all the missed festive moments together, and finally hitting the road again?Whatever your reason for reading this e-book, you’ll learn about the great experiences our past guests have had while traveling with a group. We hope to spark new ideas for your unique group trip and that you’ll gain surprising new insights!

E-book of undiscovered places

The Netherlands has plenty of hotspots. But there are also lots of great places that have not yet been overrun by tourism. The great thing about a cycling and boating holiday with Boat Bike Tours is that you will automatically pass through these beautiful places! Whether you’re looking for stories from history or you’re more interested in unique shopping, you’ll find it in these lesser-known locations!

E-book Friesland

The province of Friesland has it all: wide landscapes, wild and romantic islands, tiny historical towns and beautiful natural areas. And you can enjoy what Friesland has in abundance: water! Take a boat across the IJsselmeer, spend a day at the beach on the island of Terschelling, or bicycle along the shores of the Frisian lakes. Feel that vacation feeling!

E-book about Sail & Bike

There is nothing quite like cycling and sailing! The wind in your hair, the sun on your face. In addition to our cyclingvacations on passenger ships, we offer special Sail & Bike trips. You are welcome to help hoist the sails. Of course you can also just sit back and enjoy the view over the water, while the ship takes you to the next destination. A place where another wonderful bike ride awaits you!

E-book about Boat Bike Tours in France

North, South, East or West - what is your favorite destination in France? In any case, it is difficult for us to decide what we like best about the land of connoisseurs . Because no matter if it's Atlantic coast or the Eiffel Tower, in the rolling hills of Champagne or in an excellent French bistro: France is always pure enjoyment!