Do you ever have an insatiable yearning to be in a particular country? For many of us Francophiles around the world, that country is la belle France. Why, I hear you ask?

Maybe it’s because of the warm summer evenings with their aroma of lavender and pine trees. Or perhaps it’s the incomparably beautiful landscapes, the atmospheric historical cities, or the good wine…

Or maybe it’s just the dangerously good pastry shops that keep calling us back.

There are so many great reasons for a holiday in France that it’s impossible to even list them all. But here’s one thing that can be said with certainty: when you go to France, nothing beats exploring it by bike and boat.

In the midst of French life

France has so many different landscapes, where do you start? The wide sandy beaches of the Atlantic coast, the peaks of the Alps, the lavender fields of Provence, the vineyards of Burgundy or the rugged cliffs of Normandy?

No matter what landscape attracts you the most: travel consciously! Don’t rush. Let yourself go with the flow and enjoy every moment. That’s why cycling cruises are such a delightful way to travel: there’s no hurry and you are right in the midst of French life.

With this travel approach you can get to know the country and its people, and enjoy to the full the many facets France has to offer.

Enjoy divine delights

And this brings us to the next topic: France is a nation of connoisseurs. Nothing beats wine tasting with the winegrower, where you can experience with all your senses the location where the fine grapes are grown and ripened.

Discover local cheeses or the best Michelin restaurants. On our bike and boat trips, we ensure you meet local producers and that your culinary tastes are fully satisfied!

Well-developed bike paths

When considering a cycling holiday in France, many people often wonder what French cycling paths are like. After all, nobody wants to cycle along busy roads. But you’ll be reassured to hear that France has over 2,600 kilometres of Voies Vertes, as they’re called. Translated, this means ‘green paths’: absolutely car-free, family-friendly cycle paths through beautiful landscapes.

Magnificent weather

Another reason why there are maybe so many Francophiles out there is that France is simply blessed with a pleasant climate. It rains little, there are many hours of summer sunshine guaranteed and the thermometer only climbs above 30 degrees Celsius mid-summer. Ideal conditions for an active holiday by bike and boat!

A change of perspective

Medieval monasteries, world famous museums and breathtaking cathedrals: France not only boasts beautiful landscapes, but is also a cultural treasure trove.

From your ship you can admire fairytale castles along the Seine and anchor right in the center of historic towns. You’ve not yet seen the sights of France until you’ve experienced them from the perspective of a floating hotel!

Three great tours through France

If you want to experience and enjoy France in a conscious, active way, then our bike and boat trips are made for you. Here are three of our top tours in France:

1. Our tour of the Bordeaux region with its famous vineyards

2. On the trail of Van Gogh through Provence and Camargue

3. Enjoy the purity of Northern Burgundy

Why not fill in a few brief questions here and let us help you find the right tour for you? And if you’re not quite ready to have a chat, sign up for our free email course—you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about boat and bike tours in Europe.

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