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Valentine’s Day is coming up! What could be better than to dream about your next trip? Especially when you can actually make it happen!

Whether you are part of a couple or a solo traveler, here are some “dreamstarters” for you!

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WHO do you dream of traveling with?

You may be single and dream of traveling solo. You may NOT be single and still dream of traveling solo! Or perhaps your partner is your dream companion, or you dream of traveling with your whole family after spending so much time apart. Who would make this the perfect vacation?

WHEN would you like to travel?

Do you fancy summer travel, when it’s hot and you can swim at the beach? Or do you prefer spring, when the tulips are in bloom and Europe sometimes seems like a huge flower garden? Perhaps the fall is better, when the leaves are changing, the temperature is lower, but tourist destinations are less crowded. What’s your favorite time of year to travel?

WHERE would you like to travel?

Where do you dream of traveling when you can travel again? The Netherlands, land of tulips and windmills and canals? Or does France appeal to you more, with its vineyards, chateaux and mouthwatering croissants? Perhaps you’d prefer to travel along a river in Germany, tasting the Reisling wines and visiting the world’s great cities? Or you might want to cover a lot of territory, passing through multiple countries in one trip!

WHY would you like to travel?

In what ways does traveling make you happy? Is it physical activity like cycling that invigorates you? Is it visiting historical sites where you can sense the past? Perhaps you enjoy cultural activities that lend insight into a country and its ways. Tasting the food in another country, for example, or listening to its music can be a taste of that country’s culture.

HOW would you like to travel?

As you dream of that trip in the future, does a picture take shape in your mind? How can you make it happen?

Maybe you’ve taken a Boat Bike Tour before. Maybe you haven’t. Whether the trip you dream of is solo or with others, consider a Boat Bike Tour to make the dream a reality. Take your answers to these “dreamstarter” questions and go from there!

It’s easy to dismiss Valentine’s Day as a commercial holiday, or go the easy route of giving a card, some flowers and/or a box of chocolates.

This Valentine’s Day, though – especially this Valentine’s Day – might be the best time to make that dream trip come true. The thing about booking a trip is that the dream continues: it gives you something to look forward to during the months until it actually happens. And that is the best gift of all!

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