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4 Jul 2016

Alan Carlson and Cathy A. Broan

We had no expectations when we arrived at the ship. Had we had expectations they would have been met beyond what we could have imagined. Wonderful experience. The ship, the crew, the food, the traveling companions could not have been more pleasurable. Accomodations are not “cruise ship” accomodations, this is a sailboat and if you have spent a few nights on a sailboat, as we have, the quarters were comfortable. If you have not, be prepared for a small cabin. The biking is easy and flat and you have plenty of time to travel 30K in a day. Map reading skill is a must. Bring rain gear for biking because you may, as we did, bike in the rain for a day…no big deal. Do it, there is no “someday”. Hope you get Captain (sp)Faurook, great sailor and entertaining…a gentle soul. Ron, the cook, is king of the galley and a unique individual beyond his culinary skills. 2nd Mate Elizabeth was gracious and engageable.

Reply from Boat Bike Tours 5 Jul 2016

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