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Biking from Bruges to Amsterdam–Easy and Fun!

13 Oct 2016


Overall we enjoyed the tour. The biking was great, flat and easy and the routes were really nice in that they were off the roads and well organized. The tour guide however was very mediocre and at times was quite rude. For example, at one point on an optional tour our guide was actually offensive in how he was pointing out the “Jews” in the neighborhood that we were going through. He said things like: “there’s a Jew”, “there aren’t many Jews out tonight”, “there’s a group of Jews” which made all of us in the car feel uncomfortable as it was as though they were animals in a zoo. It would have been okay to point out that this was an area where many orthodox Jewish people live and that they can be recognized by their dress (and explain that) and then just leave it at that–not pointing each and everyone out. Another concern was the poor level of internet access and the limited amount that was provided. The boat however was nice, the food was good and overall it we had a good time. Not sure if we would go again however because of the guide.

Reply from Boat Bike Tours 1 Dec 2016

Thank you very much for your feedback. We were shocked by the language of the tour guide and we have confronted him with this. The tour leader was also shocked, when he realized that the expressions that he used can be considered as negative, insulting or discriminatory. This was not at all what he meant to say. The reason why he used the expressions “Jews” is a result of the fact that he is not a native speaker in English. The tour leader never meant to express himself in a negative way. He truly apologizes for using wrong expressions and for not being aware of the fact that his use of language may have been offensive or insulting. The fact that the use of free internet on board is only possible for a limited amount of data has to do with the fact that a ship – obviously – has no cable connection with land; internet connection must be established through the mobile phone network and this is more expensive. That is why the amount of free data on ships is limited. Guests can purchase additional data on board online.

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