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2 May 2019

Bobbye Underwood

Boat Bike Trip The bike leaders were marvelous. The staff on the boat were wonderful. two areas of concern, our documentation on the trip listed “Sarah” as our boat, but that was incorrect, it was Fleur (caused confusion when we were looking for the boat, very frustrating). No one in the train station information booths (many) knew where the exit door (with the name on the documentation) was. very confusing. several days into the trip, I woke to find our cabin had at least two inches of water on the floor, and everything n the floor including our luggage. was very wet. apparently the toilet in the cabin next to ours had been running all night and filled the collection tank. the staff tried to dry up the water from carpet, etc. but still wet and moldy/musky, causing some congestion and coughing from myself. 2nd day still carpet soaked, I believe on the third day the carpet was removed to dry out. We had a great trip, I loved the biking, enjoyed the itinerary, planned stops during the rides, seeing the Netherlands outside of Amsterdam.

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