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21 May 2023


Loved the boat and crew. The route and sites were beautiful. However, the two guides put many riders at risk. On the first day the Group 1 leader had gotten us lost so many times that we actually had to turn around at least 8 times. I fell four times because I had to keep looking back and stop to make sure the back of the group knew where to turn because the guide was going to fast through the city. One friend was left behind in a city on the fifth day because neither of the guides did a count before leaving. Even after the incident and riders wanting to do a count, they did not do a count. Many problems with the guides; not acting as a team, not training each other, poor communication, stopping on bike paths, etc. I was very stressed out seeing that I was the one who coordinated 28 people to sign up. Several people fell and had bad experiences. But we also had so many great experiences. Riding to Amsterdam on the last day was awesome. On the last night we all bonded in relief and celebration that no one got seriously hurt. This was my fifth time doing a bike and barge trip. These guides were the worst.

Reply from Boat Bike Tours 24 May 2023

Hi Cynthia, We appreciate your feedback regarding your recent bike and barge trip. We apologize for the issues you encountered with the guides and the potential risks they posed to the riders. It is concerning to hear that the Group 1 leader got lost multiple times on the first day, leading to confusion and unnecessary stops. We understand that this caused inconvenience and even accidents for some participants. We apologize for the lack of coordination and communication between the guides, as well as the failure to perform headcounts before leaving certain locations. These are important safety measures that should have been followed consistently. We understand that the inexperienced guides had a negative impact on your overall experience, despite the beautiful route and sites. We apologize for the stress and disappointment this caused, especially considering your role in coordinating a group of 28 people for the trip. On a positive note, we are glad to hear that you still had many great experiences during the trip, including the enjoyable ride to Amsterdam on the last day. It's wonderful that the group bonded and celebrated together on the final night, relieved that no serious injuries occurred. We take your feedback seriously and will address the issues you mentioned with the guides' performance. We strive to provide experienced and knowledgeable guides who prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our participants. Your feedback will help us improve our future trips and ensure a better overall experience for all participants. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, and we apologize once again for the shortcomings you experienced with the guides on this particular trip. Warm Regards, Romy

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