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20 Nov 2016

PARTY FOWLER | Peggy Gibson and Julie Spooner

The Magnifique 11 is lovely with comfortable cabins and pleasant staff. My reservations concern the condition of the bikes and the competence of the bike guide. The bike tires were low and needed attention. This was not discovered until after the first day’s 65 KM ride and was brought to attention by a cyclist. The guide handed us a pump but did not help. Be sure to insist the tires are pumped before you begin a tour. Several bikes had either brake or seat issues. (my seat post constantly sank). The guide was disinterested in the welfare of the group, often leaving slower riders behind, who had to find their own way to the boat. This caused considerable anxiety. As biking is why we chose this trip, we expected bikes in good condition and a willing and enthusiastic guide.

Reply from Boat Bike Tours 1 Dec 2016

We are very glad to receive your very useful feedback, but we are disappointed to hear about your remarks re. tour leader and quality and maintenance of the bicycles. As you write: it is obvious that you may expect bikes in good condition and a willing and enthusiastic tour leader; we also expect that. The barge owner replied that the service of the bikes apparently was not well enough and certainly not at the usual standard during this week and he has spoken with his technical crew. We will meet this tour leader for a concluding meeting of the season 2016 and we will certainly mention your remarks. This is by far not the minimum standard of service that we demand from our tour leaders. We truly apologize for the lack of quality on these points: this is not the level that this barge offers during the rest of the season (please compare other reviews).

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