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The best way to see the spectacular area of the Rhine, Mosel and Mainz Rivers,

24 May 2019

Louise Hutchinson

The route we biked was fabulous and I would recommend it to anyone. Absolutely stunning scenery. The boat staff was fabulous, going the extra mile to make our experience wonderful. The wifi and coffee maker broke down but again, our captain, Meye, worked hard to get things repaired. Being without internet for a few days when far from home can be frustrating. Meye, Chris, Claudia, Alv and Kamil worked hard as a team, all pitching in to do what was needed. The meals were great and our cooks responded to any of our special requests. My one concern is with our guide, Geert. He did not listen to his guests, he argued with them and then talked about them in a disparaging manner, he didn’t know where he was going lots of times. He needed to be told on several occasions to slow down and he never looked back to see how his group was doing or how far behind they were. He would start telling information before the last of the bikers were there so they missed any of the interesting information that he had to share. He is a nice man and tries hard, but I do not think he has the skills to deal with a wide range of personalities. He was very knowledgable about art history and architecture history. Geert did an excellent job of helping everyone make their connections after disembarking and I really appreciated him taking us to the train station so we knew how to walk there the following day. Your itinerary needs to be looked into. For instance, we were told we were going to a German beer garden with great German music and dancing at Bingen. When we crossed the ferry, there was nothing. Things like that do not start until higher tourist season. Many of the places on our itinerary were closed when we arrived, either due to renovations, a regulary closed day or low season. The guide needs to know this before we go. When we were in the major centres, it would have been nice to be able to participate in something cultural, like a concert, ballet, theatre. You could provide some options for the guests at their own costs, but have the guide help book them for anyone interested. One of the highlights for me was the wine tasting evening in St. Goat.

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