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We did the Holland Southern Tour aboard …

2 Jul 2017

Susan Jarvis

We did the Holland Southern Tour aboard the Anna Maria Agnes and had a wonderful time. We were very fortunate weather-wise and were lucky enough to meet some wonderful, wonderful people in our smallish group of English-speakers. The balance of the guests were German-speakers and they were very nice, as well. We all waved to each other as we passed each other during the day. While we would go again in an instant there were 2 things did detract from the trip. One was the lack of water provided. We were advised against drinking the ship’s tap water yet were given only 1/2 liter of water per day. Extra 1/2 bottles of water aboard ship cost 2.5 Euro! That meant we soon learned to search out supermarkets where 1.5 liters was 0.49 Euro. If water is at a premium I suggest the ship charge a blanket fee (10 Euro/pp? ) for water for the week. The other issue was the rental bikes are quite heavy with back-peddle brakes. Our groups repeatedly cursed those brakes! It actually was a bit of a safety issue. Unintentionally hitting the brake while trying to navigate in traffic was not fun. I suggest the ship offer rental of hybrid bikes, or similar, for a premium much like the e-bikes are available. Again, I highly recommend the trip, just some suggestion to make it even more enjoyable!

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