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We have been trying for weeks to have…

10 Jun 2020

Fred Halldorson

We have been trying for weeks to have our deposit refunded from this less than customer friendly company. My wife has a compromised immune system, along with international air flights being cancelled make it impossible to travel. These people are only interested in squeezing money from people who they know can’t travel. I wonder how they will act once someone gets the covid19 pandemic on one of there boats as the pandemic is still alive and well in Holland. Shame on these guys for the totally greedy way they are treating their customer. I can’t imagine people having a very good experience on these potential covid19 death traps. Shame on you Fred Halldorson

Reply from Boat Bike Tours 12 Jun 2020

Dear Mr. Halldorson, I looked into your situation and I understand you are worried, You received an e-mail from me on 25 May that we are resuming our tours from 17 June 2020 onwards. You replied to this mail 6 days (not weeks) ago that you prefer to cancel. We have been in contact with you almost every day since 6 June. Your trip is planned for 1 August. We are completely ready to give our guests a great holiday experience in The Netherlands. Because the COVID-19 situation is now very stable in The Netherlands our government decided to open up the country step by step. Furthermore, our tours or ships I believe you refer to, are not 'COVID-19 death traps'. I am very sorry you think this way. We have offered you to rebook to a later date. But because we haven't received an answer, we will contact you as soon as possible. I am sure we will find a good solution. Best regards, Laurens Winkel

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