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5 Sep 2019

Mary Ann

Had a great trip! My siblings and I started planning this trip over a year ago. It was a trip in memory of our Dutch- Canadian parents whom we lost almost 2 years ago only 4 days apart. We wanted to see Holland the way they saw it: on bicycles! There were several times on our trip one of us would say mom or dad would have loved this. My planning for this trip had far more components as you will see in this review. Our chef at the start of the trip was far superior in talent when preparing our food. There could be improvement expediting breakfast and lunch. There were several days were some people had no variety / option of breakfast as many people were taking breakfast and lunch items at the same time. Mother Nature was on our side for the week providing warm weather and little rain. A cyclists dream. However there were days that the heat was so extreme and it became extremely uncomfortable in the NON air conditioned dining room and several people had to leave during dinners. On the other hand our guides did compensate for this weather and made more frequent water stops during the day to prevent dehydration. Like many couples I love cycling and my husband is not so keen with cycling. Not sure if possible in future to think about having more time for “stopping and smelling the roses” longer and tiny bit slower for those whose forte is not cycling but want to be with their spouse. When everyone else walked about the towns I just used my Handcycle. I had fully planned on using my Wheelchair buddies to haul my wheelchair with me. There were a couple of places where I needed a wheelchair and low and behold one appeared? To be honest my Handcycle has better shock absorber wheels than my wheelchair on cobblestones More than pleased with the boat. I had requested to bring my Handcycle with me as I was not able to find anywhere to rent one in Holland. That being said I guess I totally forgot to tell Boat Bike that I use a wheelchair. Was fully expecting to use my crutches throughout the week but relieved to be able to use my wheelchair all week. Staff even attempted to make a small ramp for me when getting from stern deck to bar. It was about a 2-3” jump. Most days I could do the jump on my own. Ramp still needs tweaking. Was tickled pink they tried. We had room #6 on Magnifique III. The door is wider and very easy to enter with my wheelchair. I also brought my own shower chair. I am able to walk a little so using the bathroom was not a problem for me. With a few modifications to this particular room you could actually call it ambulatory accessible. Putting a folding wall shower chair in the shower along with a couple of grab bars. As well adding a grab bar near the toilet area would make it more comfortable for someone with my level of ability. Overall I had a fabulous week cycling with my siblings and extended family and friends and newly acquired friends from the boat! One more thing checked off my bucket list!

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