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Daily routine

A nutritious and varied breakfast buffet will be ready every day, after which you can make your own packed lunch (sandwiches, fruit and something to drink). You usually leave the ship between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m. While the ship sails to the next harbor, you set off on your cycle ride, over mostly quiet paths and lanes and past all the interesting sights.

Daily cycling
The daily cycling distance varies – depending on your trip – from around 25 to 60 kilometers (approx. 15 to 37 miles). Every day you will have lots of time to go sightseeing, explore the towns and villages, enjoy a break at a café or visit one of the many sights and highlights en route. At the end of your cycling day, the crew will welcome you when you return to the ship. You can share your experiences with the other guests (from all over the world), and talk about the discoveries of the day!

Staying on board
If you do not feel like cycling for a day, just stay aboard and enjoy watching the countryside pass by. Simply find a nice spot on the sun deck or in the salon. That is what is so perfect about our bike and barge tours! Because the ship cannot sail completely parallel to the bicycle route, you can’t stop cycling halfway and hop on board. If you decide to stay aboard, you are requested to make your packed lunch in the morning too, because there is no service during the cruise. The crew will be busy preparing dinner or cleaning cabins.

In the evenings, a delicious three-course dinner will be served. Various drinks (such as coffee, tea, beer, wine, water, soft drinks) are available at the bar (for a set fee). You can spend the rest of the evening in the salon, at the bar or outside on deck. The tour leaders will tell you about next day’s ride and there will be several city walks (no extra costs) for you to go on. Of course, if you would rather explore on your own, that is fine too. The ship is usually docked close to, or in, the town center, ensuring the sights, museums and shops are all within walking or cycling distance.

Your room travels with you
A boat and bike tour is – in many ways – a special cycling vacation: Your hotel room will be sailing along with you during your tour. You do not have to move from room to room and unpack your luggage every day. You will spend each night in the same bed and have a new view every day!