Available sizes

In general, rental bicycles are available for persons taller than approx. 150 cm (4.9 ft.); rental e-bikes are available for persons taller than 155 cm (5.1 ft.). Smaller bicycles (including children’s) are available on request (this may vary per ship), however smaller e-bikes are NOT available.

In all cases, your inseam (inner length of your leg) is decisive: when we know your inseam, we can check if the correct size bicycle or e-bike is available for the ship on which you will stay. By ‘correct size’, we mean that your inseam matches the distance from saddle to pedal with an almost stretched leg.

Right size
In case of doubt about the right size of your rental bicycle or e-bike, and to avoid disappointment on board, please contact us soon. In specific cases, we can check whether a well-fitting bicycle or e-bike is available on the ship and tour of your choice.

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