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First of all, it is important to know that an e-bike features a small electric engine and battery that assist and ease your pedaling. It does not feature autonomous propulsion. It is like having a tailwind, but you still have to pedal yourself.

It’s not easy…
Riding an e-bike can greatly contribute to the pleasure of your holiday. However, an e-bike is not a solution for untrained cyclists. It is absolutely not easy to handle such a bike. The engine and battery make it a lot heavier than a regular bicycle and it accelerates faster. Handling it well therefore requires good basic cycling skills and confidence, especially when cycling in a group.

Small e-bike
For persons who are smaller than approx. 155 cm/ 5.08 ft. the offer of small e-bikes is very limited. Booking a small e-bike is therefore only possible on request, and the booking is guaranteed only after confirmation by us. Boat Bike Tours reserves the right to reject a reservation request.

If you are unsure whether renting an e-bike is a good idea, you can ask our sales team for advice by mail, chat or telephone.

Included with Premium Tours
If you have booked a Premium Tour (with departure in 2021) and have rented a bicycle or e-bike, the helmet and a ‘limitation of liability for damage or loss‘ of your rented bicycle/e-bike are included in the rental price of the bicycle. This service is not included in the bike rental price for our tours without premium label. You can choose whether you want to rent a helmet and/or take out an additional limitation of liability.