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You’ve finally made time for your friends, your family or your hobby. And for being on the road together and discovering new places: traveling with your own group is always a special experience. You’ll carry fond memories of the experience: enjoying and sharing your most beautiful photos and savoring your best stories from your trip together.

Because we at Boat Bike Tours know how important it is to spend time with your loved ones, we can make it possible for you to book an entire ship with us for your own group. You charter the ship that best suits your group and work with our tour experts to create a customized itinerary.

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The Netherlands has always been the most popular destination for our charter tours by bike and boat. Read this post to find out why!

1. Everyone gets their money’s worth

If you’ve traveled in a group before, you know that it can sometimes be tricky to get everyone together. Some people really want to go to the museum, others want to stroll through the shops and others can hardly wait to get back out into nature. Well, in the Netherlands you can have everything at once. Because everything is so close together, you can first take a city stroll with a canal cruise in the center of Amsterdam and barely half an hour later you’re cycling over the dike at the IJsselmeer and enjoying the colossal view over water and green meadows. Or, if it’s what you prefer, the group can take off in different directions and meet up again in the evening for a meal together on the ship. Whatever you want!

2. Easily reachable

It’s easy to get to the Netherlands and move around the country. Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is a major hub, so finding a flight there is no problem. You can take a train from right inside the airport straight to Amsterdam or anywhere else in the country. It should be no problem for you and all your fellow travelers to organize the journey, even if you’re all coming in from different points of the globe.

3. Sociability

For Dutch people, gezellig is a favorite word, and a goal to be achieved. It stands for a whole attitude towards life, and translates as something like “cozy“ or “convivial.“ It doesn’t matter whether the sun is shining or not: in warm weather, the Dutch prefer to meet up in small groups in the fresh air to do something together. Or they just sit together for hours in the cozy atmosphere of a street café – they usually do, by the way, both! If you’re out on a bike tour, you’ll find these popular meeting places really everywhere: charming street cafes right on the canal, a cute little tea garden on a farm or a relaxed bar with a view of the North Sea. Just sit down with your group and let yourself be infected by the gezellige atmosphere!

4. It doesn’t get boring

If you’re thinking that the Netherlands is just monotonously flat meadows, you’re wrong. There are few other countries that can offer more varied bicycle tours, but we are consistent in having excellent bike paths, unlike other countries we could name! The cycle routes we recommend are designed to take you through the most beautiful variety of landscapes. For example, right through the dunes on the North Sea, over picturesque dikes, through charming old towns or right along riverbanks. So you can experience a lot together in a short time.

5. Lots of space for bike groups

Have you ever cycled with a large group? Then you surely know that some streets can get pretty narrow! Of course, it’s nicest when at least two people can cycle next to each other, so that you can chat a bit along the way. That’s why the Netherlands, with its well-developed cycle path system, is ideal for group cycling tours. The cycle paths are wide and particularly safe because they’re often separated from the road by a green strip. So you don’t have to constantly watch out for approaching traffic – just relax! On some routes, the luxury is even greater; for example, through the dunes on the North Sea or over many dikes, special paths have been created only for bicycles, which you as a cyclist don’t have to share with cars, motorcycles or trucks. It’s a great experience: easy and quiet.

How to plan a bike and boat trip with your own group

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