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If you’re looking for a great way to get a small group together for a memorable experience, chartering a ship is a perfect solution!

Chartering a ship for your group has lots of advantages over meeting halls and hotels. On a Boat Bike Tour barge, you can take in the scenery from the boat or on a bike ride together. Together, you can all enjoy the excellent meals served on board. As the organizer, you would have plenty of input into the planning of the trip. See the top five perks of booking your bubble for more about the advantages of chartering a ship for your group!

Here are 5 reasons for chartering a ship for your group:

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1. To celebrate a big birthday or anniversary

Taking 12-20 friends and family on a Boat Bike Tour for your 50th birthday or your 25th wedding anniversary would make it an unforgettable occasion. You’d get to spend quality time with the people you most want to share your life’s milestones with. They’d get more than the usual party with catered food and dancing. Not only would it become a treasured memory for you, but also for them!

2. To hold a reunion

If your family is scattered far and wide, what better gift to offer them for a reunion than this! A Boat Bike Tour charter becomes a two-for-one deal for your far-flung relatives: they get to refresh connections with their loved ones at the same time as discovering the beauty of a landscape that’s new to them!

3. To bring your club members together

Do you have a closely-knit group or club with a shared interest? Perhaps you play soccer regularly with a group of friends, or belong to a yoga club, sing with a vocal group or ride with a bicycling club. Whatever your interest, a chartered holiday together would allow you some real quality time to share that interest both on board the ship and on shorter or longer bike rides.

4. For a special wedding

In the pandemic, weddings have become much smaller, more intimate occasions, requiring the couple to select carefully who will attend. Why not enjoy a ceremony and, especially, a multi-day party on board a ship with your nearest and dearest? As with any other celebration on board, it would be a truly unforgettable experience for you and your guests, planned entirely according to your wishes.

5. To reward your employees

Times have been hard, yet your employees have kept working without complaint, balancing the demands of your business with locked-down children and all the other complications of pandemic life. You’ve come through! Taking the group on a Boat Bike Tour charter will reward them for their dedication and will also work as a team-building exercise, leading to an even more successful business in the future!

So these are our 5 reasons for chartering a ship for your group. Can you think of others?

On the other hand, you don’t really need a reason, do you? If your idea of the perfect week just means getting away on a boat and doing some bike-riding with those who are closest to you, we have smaller barges available for charter for groups of up to 12 people. How about a week away with just your family? Or with a group of close friends?

What to do next?

Want to find out more about chartering a ship for your group? At Charter travel stories you can read about people who have already traveled with a group on a chartered ship. To learn everything about planning and organizing your own group travel on a chartered ship, subscribe to our 6-part email charter tour course. Read more about what we can offer your group at Book your bubble.


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