You know the feeling: you feel like you’ve only just checked in, but then suddenly the holiday is already over. When you’re enjoying yourself and having fun, time just flies by. This can also happen to you on our trips by bike and boat. Most of our tours last eight days and they’re over so quickly!

Would you like the fun to last longer? Then read the tips here and find out how you can stretch your vacation by bike and boat; we’ll introduce you to our longer trips and tell you how you can cleverly combine different tours and even get a discount on the second week! Are you ready for a very special adventure?

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Sometimes a week is not enough

More days to spend cycling, getting to know a region and your fellow travelers on board really well, finally taking enough time for yourself: there are many reasons why our guests decide on a longer bike and boat trip. Is one week with Boat Bike Tours not enough for you? Here you can find our 11- and 15-day tours:

11-Day Relax Tour from Amsterdam to Bruges

The cities of Holland and Flanders are real gems and on this trip we’ve strung them on a string of pearls for you. Over the course of 11 days you can really take your time to get to know the canal metropolis of Amsterdam, the cozy student cities of Utrecht and Gent or the surprising Dordrecht. In Belgium’s fashion capital, Antwerp, and in medieval Bruges, you even get a full day to stroll through the city. What’s on your personal program? A shopping spree, a visit to a museum or a trip into the world of Belgian chocolates and special beers? Between cities, you can go on beautiful bike tours through typical Dutch landscapes, along the impressive Scheldt River and to the North Sea coast. You’ll be surprised that a city break could include so much nature!

In 15 days from Bruges to Paris

On this journey through one of the most historic regions in Central Europe, you’ll experience how landscapes, cities, culture and culinary specialties gradually change as you move from place to place. You’ll travel on a small, family-run premium boutique ship, built for a maximum of 24 guests. Sociable time on board and on the guided bike tours is guaranteed! Your journey begins with a city tour through the medieval splendor of Bruges and a canal cruise through picturesque Ghent. Then it continues through the French part of Belgium and over the border to Valenciennes in France. Cycle along the old towpath along the River Somme to Péronne. Here you have a day to rest to stroll the streets of the charming town and try the great restaurants. Other highlights of your trip are the city of Noyon with its early Gothic cathedral, the Art Nouveau city of Ham, the Castle of Chantilly and cycling through the forests of Compiègne. On this route you’ll repeatedly encounter traces of the First World War, which had a lasting impact on this region. And the crowning glory of the tour is Paris: we’ll cycle right into the heart of the French capital, just like the riders of the Tour de France!

Round trip Paris – Champagne

Bask in that French je ne sais quoi and fall in love with the wonderful landscapes, cities and flavors every day! Every moment is a pleasure on this round trip from Paris through the Champagne region: the bike tours through the neat green vineyards and idyllic river valleys, the champagne tastings directly at the winemaker and the evenings on board spent in the good company of your fellow travelers. You’ll stay overnight on our premium boutique ship, Fleur, with a maximum of 20 passengers. This pretty, French-style ship is perfectly suited to the narrow rivers and canals of this region, thanks to its slim line. On your journey, visit the tomb of Vincent van Gogh, admire the stunning Reims Cathedral and tour endless wine cellars in the champagne capital of Epernay. The start and end of this journey is the center of Paris.


Two become one

Do you find it difficult to decide between two tours? Then do both of them! If our trips end or start in the same place, they can easily be combined to make a longer tour. If you’re clever, you won’t even have to change ships. Here are our tips for the best combinations:

Round trip through North Holland and South Holland

Get to know all sides of Holland in 15 days! Throughout almost the entire season, the Poseidon alternates our round trip through North Holland with our South Holland tour, both of which start and end in Amsterdam. It’s perfect opportunity to combine these tours. You’ll spend your entire vacation not just on the same ship, but even in the same cabin. Such a relaxed way to see so much! And as a little extra, we’ll give you a discount of 50 euros per person in the second week.

Via the Rhine and Moselle Rivers to France

Here’s a particularly varied route through four countries: travel up the Rhine from Amsterdam to Cochem in just eight days. Your premium ship (the Princesse Royal or the Magnifique III) then continues for another eight days through the picturesque Moselle valley to Metz in France. Experience how the flat river plains of the Lower Rhine merge into the hills of the legendary Upper Rhine Valley. Discover Roman culture in Xanten, Cologne and Trier. Enjoy panoramas of vineyards and medieval castles along the Moselle cycle path. And treat yourself to a break in one of the rustic wine taverns that can be found on every corner in this fairytale region.

Many more possibilities

It often happens that our ships sail two different routes one after the other – ideal for putting together a longer trip. For example, you can combine the 8-day tulip trip with a trip from Amsterdam to Bruges on the Zwaantje, or sail from Maastricht to Amsterdam on one of our boutique ships and then add the North Holland round trip to it. Just ask our travel experts about the possibilities!

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