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A new decade has dawned and change is in the air. Maybe 2020 is the year you try something different – from choosing to travel more slowly and consciously, to setting out on a real sailing ship for an active adventure.

Whatever your travel plans, we hope your year is full of moving experiences and inspiring impressions. To help get things started, we’ve compiled six of our favorite trends and tours for you.

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1. Personalized premium travel

There’s a new form of luxury in town. It’s not bigger, but it certainly is better. Swap the giant cruise liner for an intimate and personal experience aboard a lovingly converted luxury hotel barge. Our Premium tours have recently seen a big rise in popularity. With groups of no more than 40 travelers, and fine dining every evening, you’ll not only delight in exploring the Netherlands but will finish the tour feeling like one big family. Try our Best of Holland Premium Tour to enjoy the Netherlands’ greatest hits.

2. The joy of slow travel

Modern life moves so quickly these days. Why not resist the pressure to keep up and instead slow down to enjoy life in the moment? Especially on vacation. For those who want to try a more relaxed travel pace we have some tours that really fit the bill. Take your time over 11 days to explore the Netherlands and Belgium with our Amsterdam to Bruges Relax Tour, or step into a rhythm of life from centuries ago as you meander French and Belgian countryside on our 14-day Bruges-Paris Premium Tour. Traveling slow, you’ll not only feel time-rich and carefree, you’ll also enjoy the luxury of our premium tour experience.

3. Skip mass tourism and get off the beaten track

Big cities are so often overrun with tourists that it can sometimes spoil their charm. But there some fascinating unspoiled destinations that can still be found off the tourist radar. In the Netherlands, one such undisturbed region is the network of historic Hanseatic League cities, a medieval trade route including authentic cities such as Deventer, Kampen and Arnhem. On our Hansa Highlights Tours you’ll see the Netherlands in a different way as you explore this lesser-known – but much loved – area.

4. Adventure vacations – get active on a magnificent sailing ship

For restless travelers seeking (comfortable) adventures, there’s a growing range of more active tour options that connect you more closely to land and water. Combining sailing and cycling in a single trip, our Sail & Bike Tours draw you into the journey as you travel (and even help if you like) aboard historic sailing ships. A truly special experience!

5. Rise of the micro-cation – try a 5-day tulip tour

It’s not always easy getting the best out of a place when your time is limited. That’s why mini tours are a great way to get a short and sweet taste of a new culture. In the Netherlands, two of our most popular tours, the 5-Day Tulip Tour, and the 5-Day Premium Tulip Tour (with an added element of luxury) will take you through all the highlights of Dutch tulip culture, from flower fields to Keukenhof, with some hidden gems along the way.

6. Charter tours – a whole ship for your group of family or friends

In 2020 the possibilities really are endless. If you plan to travel with a group you can actually charter an entire boat and tour for yourselves! Whether you’re organizing a family reunion, or celebrating a special anniversary with friends, charter tours are a magical way to spend quality time together and share unforgettable experiences. With our sister company, Eurosail, you can create a dream vacation with all details taken care of, by booking a tour and beautiful barge just for you.

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