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One minute you’re cycling through rolling dunes, the next through vast agricultural fields and (if you’re lucky) through colorful flower fields. And all of this only a few miles away from Amsterdam! The province of North Holland is surprising and multifaceted. If you’re on vacation here, you should definitely take a bike ride through the dunes. The North Holland Dune Reserve is one of the largest and most exciting nature reserves in the Netherlands. Let us take you on an unforgettable trip on the North Holland coast!

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1. Cycle through nature

Fragrant pine forests and wildly romantic sand dunes covered in heather and crooked trees: on a bike tour through the dunes of North Holland you’re completely surrounded by nature. A well-developed network of cycle paths leads through this beautiful nature reserve. This means that the only motorized vehicles you’ll encounter here are e-bikes! It’s a dream for all bike fans.

2. Go on a “Dune Safari”

When you cycle through the North Holland Dune Reserve, it’s not uncommon to suddenly come face-to-face with an imposing primeval cow. Scottish Highland cattle roam freely through the landscape here. They have an important job to do: they graze in the unforested areas and ensure that the forests don’t get the upper hand and crowd out the original dune vegetation. Don’t let their sweeping horns intimidate you: Highland cattle are essentially peaceful creatures. However, you should treat the animals with respect and keep your distance. Are you a real animal lover? Then keep an eye out for the wild Konik horses and Exmoor ponies that roam here too.

3. Climb the highest dunes in the Netherlands

Three miles wide and up to 190 feet high: the dune area “Schoorlse Duinen” borders directly on the North Holland Dune Reserve. Here you’ll find the highest dunes in the Netherlands. Park your bike for a moment and climb up to one of the viewpoints. The panoramic view of the North Sea is simply breathtaking!

4. Take a detour to Alkmaar

If you fancy a little stroll through a city too, a detour to Alkmaar is worthwhile. The city, famous for its cheese market, is just a few kilometers from the dunes and beaches of the North Sea. And with the old town crisscrossed by picturesque canals, Alkmaar can absolutely rival neighboring Amsterdam – only that things are a bit smaller and cozier here! If you stroll through the narrow streets, you’ll discover pretty little shops. Or the idyllic hofjes: medieval gates take you to hidden inner courtyards with beautiful gardens. They are truly oases of calm in the middle of the city!

5. Walk the most beautiful beaches in Holland

Salty winds, rough waves and white sand as far as the eye can see: perhaps the best rewards for a bike ride through the dunes are the fantastic beaches that border this natural area. Some of them can only be reached by bike or on foot, so even in high season you can be sure that you have almost the entire beach to yourself. Enjoy a meditative walk on the beach, or maybe even a refreshing dip in the waves? Afterwards, you can put your feet up in one of the cozy beach pavilions, order a drink and enjoy the North Sea panorama. Pure beach romance!

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