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You love to bicycle, and you want to travel in Europe. We can assure you that there are lots of options! Here are the top 10 best countries in Europe for a cycling vacation, plus some advice on how to choose!

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1. The Netherlands

Holland is truly a paradise for cyclists. It has a wide network of well-marked and well-maintained bicycle paths, and it’s almost entirely flat, making it a great place for relaxing cycling. There are picturesque villages and cities; colorful tulip fields; broad, green pasturelands crisscrossed by canals; and magnificent natural parks as well.


2. Germany

From the fairytale setting of the Rhine Valley, with its castles looming over cute villages, to the spooky woods of the Black Forest, Germany offers a very diverse landscape for cyclists. There are venerable castles, picture-perfect vineyard landscapes, and lively city streets in places like Berlin and Munich.

3. Belgium

Discover the rich history and scrumptious food in Belgium while you bicycle through charming villages and along meandering rivers. Cities like Bruges (Brugge), Ghent and Antwerp are so well-preserved you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a centuries-old painting – if you ignore the bicycles, of course!

4. France

Cycle through picturesque vineyards, along quiet country roads and through historic towns in France. Take a break to stroll through a charming village or tour a magnificent chateau. The Loire Valley, Provence and the French Riviera are just some of the many beautiful cycling destinations in this country. And the food is amazing, from the baguette and croissant you can buy in any village to the excellent food served in restaurants and bistros.

5. Italy

Discover the beauty of Italy by bike, from the rolling hills of Tuscany to the enchanting coastline of Amalfi. Cycle through important historical cities such as Florence, Rome and Venice – but make sure to stop and visit some of the fascinating sights these cities offer. And Italy is another top destination for food: enjoy delicious Italian meals and wine along the way!

6. Croatia

Croatia is known for its crystal-clear waters and picturesque coastal towns. Bike paths like the Parenzana Trail offer spectacular views of the sea and lead through charming villages and historic towns such as Poreč and Rovinj. A true insider tip for cycling enthusiasts.

7. Sweden

Sweden’s untouched nature and the serene, vast landscapes are ideal for cyclists seeking tranquility. The archipelago coast near Stockholm or the Kattegattleden, Sweden’s first national bicycle route in the southwest of the country, are just some of the highlights. The route passes through some of Sweden’s most beautiful areas, offering breathtaking views and the opportunity to discover the country’s cultural and historical treasures. Small, charming villages and vibrant cities along the way invite you to enjoy Swedish hospitality and the local cuisine.

8. Austria

Experience Austria’s breathtaking Alpine landscapes by bike. Follow scenic cycling routes past crystal-clear lakes, green valleys, and storybook alpine villages. Salzburg and Innsbruck are perfect bases for cycling adventures.

9. Denmark

Denmark has a few more hills than the Netherlands but has the same well-organized cycling path network. There’s breathtaking coastal scenery and charming coastal towns. Copenhagen, with its outdoor cycling culture and infrastructure, is an absolute must-visit for cyclists.

10. Hungary

Hungary might not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of a cycling holiday, but you’ll be amazed at how much this country has to offer cyclists. The Balaton Bike Trail around the largest lake in Central Europe is particularly appealing, offering insights into Hungarian culture and hospitality. The absolute highlight is the Hungarian section of the Danube Bike Trail, which leads you directly into the metropolis of Budapest. A truly remarkable experience.

Each of these countries has its own unique features and charm, making it a distinctive destination for cyclists. So pack your bike and discover Europe in the best way possible – with the wind in your face and the freedom that only two wheels can offer. Happy cycling!

Which should you choose?

If you’re looking for the easiest cycling, stick with the Netherlands or Belgium. If you want some really challenging cycling, choose Austria or Switzerland. Any of the rest would offer some variation between flat and hilly landscapes. All of our tours are rated for difficulty: level 1 (easy) to 3.

Beyond the level of difficulty, think about what sorts of things you most love to see. Use these considerations to narrow down your options:

  • Do you enjoy city sightseeing or do you like countryside cycling more? For city sightseeing, choose the Netherlands, Germany or Italy. Belgium, France and Spain are great for charming villages, as are the Netherlands and Italy.
  • Are big views important to you, or do you want coastal scenery? For dramatic scenery, Austria, Switzerland and Norway are probably best. The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Italy are the places for stunning coastal scenery.
  • Is history something that interests you, or are you more interested in the natural world? For history, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Italy are all fascinating, while for the beauty of nature you’ll be happiest in Austria, Switzerland, or Norway.
  • How important is food and wine to you? France and Italy are best known for their cuisine and wine cultures, but you could also choose Switzerland, Belgium or Spain for excellent food and wine.


Whether you’re looking for a relaxing bike ride through the countryside or an adventurous ride through the mountains, Europe offers plenty of bike-friendly destinations to explore. So grab your bike and set off to discover the beauty and diversity of this beautiful continent!

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