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2019 is up and running! What does it have in store for you? Is it the year you try a boat bike tour for the first time? Whether you’re already familiar with our cycling and boat accommodation concept, or it’s a new experience for you, we have some wonderful tour suggestions to get you in the travel mood.

We have many tours and destinations to choose from (more than 22 within the Netherlands alone), so sometimes it can be hard to decide which one suits you best.

Here we list five of our favorite tours in the Netherlands, Belgium and northern France, to help make the decision process a little easier.

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Our 5 top tours in Holland, Belgium (and a little bit of France)

These five tours are all-rounders, meaning they provide a great experience for all tastes and interests. As long as you’re up for exploring this corner of the world then you’re bound to enjoy any of them. They all come highly recommended!

Pedal and Cruise Southern Holland: 12 of the Most Picturesque Routes

1. Netherlands & Belgium: Amsterdam – Bruges Relax Tour

Bike your way through colorful Holland and Flanders (northern Belgium), visiting world-famous cities and picturesque villages on your way. This 11-day tour includes some extra time to relax in Antwerp and Bruges, so you can really experience these cities.

2. France & Belgium: Paris – Bruges Tour

Start in the City of Lights before wending your way north through the French countryside, past World War I battlefields and charming Belgian towns to the historic city of Bruges. Enjoy a wide variety of landscapes and local specialties on this 15-day bike and barge tour. This tour is also possible in the opposite direction, from Bruges to Paris.

3. Netherlands: Green Heart of Holland Tour

Discover the essence of what Holland has to offer with this 8-day guided tour. Cycle through the charming Dutch countryside and experience many cultural and historic attractions such as Delftware, the famous windmills, and of course the legendary flower fields.

4. Netherlands: Amsterdam – Maastricht Tour

See more of the Netherlands with this 8-day tour from Amsterdam to Maastricht, the southernmost city in the Netherlands that is famous for its hospitality, excellent food, and historical center. On the course of this tour you’ll cycle past castles, rivers, hills, and remarkable villages.

5. Netherlands: Sail & Bike Ijsselmeer Guided Tour

The Dutch have a way with water, and you can experience it for yourself while sailing the IJsselmeer. What was once a saltwater sea, thanks to Dutch ingenuity, is now the country’s largest freshwater lake. Visit harbor towns, national parks, nature reserves, and finish the 8-day tour in Amsterdam.

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