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2020: the year in which “negative” was the most positive word. The year in which working from home and staying at home became the new normal for many of us. We had time to reflect, to put things into perspective, and to make new plans to do things differently or better next year. Perhaps you already have a number of resolutions for 2021.

What we have learned most from the past year is that we must seize opportunities when they present themselves and that we must be kind to ourselves and each other. Enjoy life!

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Here are 5 of the best New Year’s resolutions:

1. Exercise more

This resolution has been number 2 for many years (after quitting smoking or losing weight), but it always falls short. This year, though, after a year of sitting at home, exercise is even more important. So this time, make it fun! What could be better than getting your exercise while on vacation? Enjoy cycling and discover a new place at the same time: that sounds fun!

2. Healthy eating

Many people have already started taking better care of their eating habits in the past year. When you’re at home, you have more time and energy to put a healthy meal on the table than after fighting through traffic or the hassle of a crowded train. So let’s hold on to that! Perhaps you’re not a top chef or you just don’t like cooking? You can be pampered by one of our chefs on board. They prepare a delicious three-course dinner with fresh ingredients every evening.

3. Enjoy nature

It makes sense that you breathe healthier air in places where there are no or hardly any streets. Forests, moors, dunes and beach; these places are good for your health. Surrounded by nature, you might feel moved to work on your first resolution some more: exercise by walking or cycling. On the other hand, sitting still on the beach or in a forest is also very pleasant.

4. Being with friends and family

We’ve all missed friends and family this year so much! Birthdays via Zoom, an anniversary via Skype, graduation parties via Teams … It’s great that this was possible, but of course it just wasn’t the same. It’s much more fun to be together in person. So when you’re allowed to and able to, why not throw a big party? If you want something really original for your family or group of friends, you could charter a barge or ship!

5. Discover new places

By staying at home a lot, we tend to narrow our focus to just the daily things around the house. When everything is open again, it’ll be a great time to get away and discover new places! We’ll be able to treasure all of the things that make our life more enjoyable even more than before.

So, get out there, make new friends and enjoy life! Appreciate what you have and enjoy yourself. Take one of our beautiful cycling and boating holidays, for example. Let us recommend some beautiful destinations!

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