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How was your New Years Eve? Here in the Netherlands, we celebrate it with lots of fireworks and deep-fried doughy goodness, such as oliebollen and appelflappen — if we’re not on a holiday.

Another thing that many of us do to prepare for the new year, is setting resolutions. We like to think of them as goals to make them more real, instead of just a wish to forget about after a couple of weeks. What are the most common resolutions?

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I’m going to travel more

Let’s say one of your resolutions is to go on a wonderful holiday this year, we are pleased to say our team is here to help out. We offer tours all over Europe, including Germany, the Czech Republic, and France. Is your favorite country not there, then take a look at all of our tours on our website.

I’m going to eat healthier

Unfortunately, we can’t help much with this one. Although, the recipes-blog we’ve posted in December are all pretty healthy! All we can say is that a boat bike tour includes a strong breakfast and three-course dinners prepared by our chefs each day. And I’m not lying when I say that they’re healthy and delicious!

I’m going to be more active

We believe it’s much more fun to work towards something than just cycling around aimlessly. So get used to biking around in your neighborhood, and then reward yourself with a trip where you bike around and see a ton of sights, like stunning landscapes, tulip fields, or historic cities.

I’m going to save money

You can save money by keeping an eye on promotions and offers. If you’re subscribed to our newsletter, you’ll always be up to date with the latest offers.

We wish you all the best (travels) in 2019!

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