Holland is famous for its tulips. In fact, our most popular Boat and Bike Tour routes are the springtime ones that center around seeing the tulips. So where are the best tulip fields in Holland? Here are our recommendations:


Certainly Keukenhof is the most famous place to see tulips. Claiming to contain about 7 million (!) tulips, it has grown from a castle garden to become an exhibition park: a place for bulb growers to display their wares. The grounds are carefully landscaped to show off the amazingly wide variety of colors and shapes of tulips as well as other spring-blooming bulb plants. Themed shows inside exhibition halls as well as themed “inspirational gardens” can keep visitors enthralled for hours.

The bollenstreek (tulip fields)

The area right outside Keukenhof around the town of Lisse is the place most visitors to Keukenhof explore next, and it is stunning, with fields striped with brilliant colors. But these tulip fields cover a much larger area, a long strip of farmland along the coast from The Hague all the way up to Alkmaar. And all of it is perfectly bikeable!


Noordoostpolder is an area in the province of Flevoland – a province built out of land reclaimed from the sea in the 1950s and 1960s. The Noordoostpolder flower fields are just as stunning as the ones along the coast in the west, and just as bicycle-friendly, but without the busloads of tourists. You’ll have the place pretty much to yourself!


Tulips aren’t just a bunch of pretty flowers; they’re big business! As a matter of fact, bulbs and flowers are Holland’s biggest export. FloraHolland is the place to get a sense of how this economic sector operates. Located in Aalsmeer, it is the world’s largest flower auction house. You’ll be bowled over at the sheer number of flowers and bulbs moving through the auction house.


This isn’t so much about tulips as about horticulture in general. Floriade is a horticultural expo that only takes place every ten years, and it’s happening this year: from April 14-October 9, 2022. Taking place in Almere – which is in Flevoland but only a 20-minute train ride from Amsterdam – Floriade highlights innovations in all aspects of horticulture.

If you need a dose of tulips but it’s not tulip season, you can always go to the Tulip Museum in Amsterdam to learn about tulip-growing and tulip history, particularly the famous “Tulip Mania” of the 17th century. And at the Flower Market in Amsterdam, where the stalls are on houseboats, you can pick up bulbs to take home and start your own flower fields! Just make sure to buy the ones marked for export!

If worse comes to worst and you can’t visit during the tulip season, don’t worry. Bicycling through the green countryside of Holland will give you plenty of breathtaking sights to see in any case!

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