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How the quiz works

How the quiz works

In December 2021 you will have the opportunity to experience our bike and boat trips up close. And because we want to celebrate December with you, you can also win lots of great prizes – including a Boat Bike Tour for 2 people! Are you in?


Our December surprise trip

Our tour leader Hans takes you into the world of Boat Bike Tours in eight short videos. In eight episodes, you’ll find out what you can experience on a bike and boat trip and what a typical day on our ships looks like.


Win a trip with Boat Bike Tours!

  • Everyone who subscribes to our newsletter will receive eight e-mails in December, each with a short video and a quiz question.
  • Click the button below the video and answer the question of the day.
  • Each time you give a correct answer, you could win a great prize.
  • With each question of the day, you’ll also receive a letter.
  • Remember the letters to form the correct answer word at the end.
  • With the correct word, you could win our main prize: A trip with Boat Bike Tours for 2 people!


Have you guessed the answer?

Did you find out our solution word? Send it in right away!

  • If you’ve clicked on the correct answer in our quiz in part 8, the page with the last letter appears.
  • Just enter your e-mail address and the answer word in the field at the top left.
  • Click “Submit.”

That’s it! Now comes the suspenseful part: perhaps you’re the lucky winner of our bike and boat trip for two and you’ll soon be able to go on tour yourself!  Keep your fingers crossed!


How do I know if I’ve won?

On 3 January the winner will be announced on the website of Boat Bike Tours. You’ll receive an e-mail announcement as well. If you’re the winner and your name is on the announcement on the website, contact us at [email protected].

The other prizes can only be given if you actually make a booking with Boat Bike Tours. But don’t worry, you have two years to collect your prize.