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Adjusted requirements: full vaccination mandatory for travel in Germany

Due to the current conditions around the Corona Covid-19 pandemic and the governmental requirements, the following regulation for all tours to and within Germany in the travel year 2022 applies immediately until further notice: Participation is only available to travelers who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 (with an EU-approved vaccine) or recovered (with a valid recovery certificate) at the time of travel. Should the conditions change in the course of 2022 and the authorities would change the requirements, we will adapt accordingly. If the required proof cannot be provided by the guest at the start of the trip, we expressly point out that we are entitled to charge cancellation fees in accordance with our travel conditions. We strongly recommend all guests to inform themselves also in the meantime whether the requirements of the German Federal Government change. Meeting government requirements is the responsibility of every traveler.
Relevant and current information and measures related to Coronavirus can be found at:

Update Partner Login
In the first week of December, an update has taken place on our reservation system, which has slightly changed the procedure for making a reservation through the partner login. We have adjusted the manual for making reservations in the tool and uploaded it (updated manual to be found under “Documents” in the menu on the left).

The most important changes are:

Step 2a – search by tour

Because we offer both guided and non-guided versions for the same tour on several our tours, and it is only possible to search by tour in the tool, the names of those tours have been included in the manual. Only the trips with two variants are listed there.

Step 4 – book a cabin / additional product

Before the update, additional products (e.g. bicycles, e-bikes, diets or helmets) could be indicated per cabin, from now on it is only possible to assign an additional product to a specific passenger. Instead of starting with the additional products, these data need to be entered after filling in the passenger data.

After adding a bicycle or e-bike, this must also be assigned to the passenger in question.

In short: first enter the passenger data, then add the bicycle/e-bike, then return to the passenger data field to assign the bicycle/e-bike.

The other steps in the procedure and manual have remained unchanged.

Update: December 16, 2021