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Safe and pleasant travel

Update: 1 February, 2023

Rules for participating in Boat Bike Tours trips in 2023

Health, safety, and wellbeing are paramount. We know that, for the time being, we all still need to be careful. That is why we continue to adhere to all the necessary hygiene and safety measures. Based on our recent experiences, the rules for participation in Boat Bike Tours trips in the 2023 season do not differ from the 2022 rules.

In 2023, you may participate in a Boat Bike Tours trip*:

  • If the official government regulations in force in the country of travel at the time of travel allow you to enter the country** (and in the case of a multi-country trip: meets the regulations of each country where the trip takes place).
  • If you have no symptoms suggestive of Covid:
    • if you have Covid-related symptoms at the start of the tour and test positive for Covid you may not board and therefore not participate in the trip;
    • if you develop Covid-related symptoms during the tour and test positive for Covid you must immediately enter your cabin in self-isolation and terminate the tour at the earliest possible moment by leaving the ship.


In addition (and because of this):

  • Boat Bike Tours urges all travelers – immediately when you book your trip – to purchase their own appropriate (travel and/or cancellation) insurance through the insurance company of your choice, preferably with extended Covid coverage.
  • Boat Bike Tours urges you to only travel fully vaccinated: protect yourself and others as good as you can!


In order to keep up to date with the current government regulations at all times, the following links (CLICK HERE for links to external governmental websites) may be useful for any international traveler. Disclaimer: Although this overview of links has been compiled with care, Boat Bike Tours is not liable for the content of those external webpages and no rights can be derived from it.

*: For specific tours, for which not Boat Bike Tours but one our foreign partners is the organizing tour operator, slightly different rules and/or protocols may apply, depending on the policies and governmental rules in that country / on that ship. If different rules apply, you will find them in the description of the respective tour.

**: The rules set by governments on international travel and/or for entering their country have already been scaled down significantly during 2022. At the moment (Feb. 2023) there are no government restrictions anymore on travel to and within the EU in countries where Boat Bike Tours offers tours.

Covid in 2020, 2021 and 2022

Due to the Covid pandemic and related restrictions by governments 2020 and 2021 were extremely difficult years for international travel. During these two years, Boat Bike Tours was able to run some of its tours despite Covid, but through a sophisticated set of measures and strict protocols that ensured hygiene, wellbeing and safety on board its ships. In 2021, vaccines became a gamechanger.

For 2022, the credo at Boat Bike Tours was: “everyone takes good care of themselves and others, and Boat Bike Tours takes good care of you.” Boat Bike Tours therefore advised all its guests to travel only with full vaccination protection. Furthermore, Boat Bike Tours stated that any guest may participate in a trip if she/he is (and remains) healthy and at the time of the trip fully complies with the government regulations of the country/countries where the trip takes place: “if you are healthy and allowed to enter the country, you may also be on board with us”. And it goes without saying that health, hygiene and safety were closely monitored on board. This policy was very successful in 2022. Yet again, that didn’t mean that – like everywhere else in society – Covid did not exist anymore: it still is and will be around. But by clearly communicating and enforcing some ground rules, we created a safe and pleasant environment aboard our ships that allowed our guests to enjoy their cycling vacations to the fullest. We look back on a 2022 season with the a record number of bookings and the highest customer satisfaction ever.