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Here is what you need to do to give your friend(s) a discount, as well as to claim a discount for yourself:

  • After your Boat Bike Tour, you will receive a code via email.
  • Give the code to a friend.
  • Your friend makes a reservation using the code and receives a €50 discount per booking.
  • It is important that your friends gives your first and last name and your e-mail address. This can be done with a comment in the “additional comments” field, or via telephone or email.
  • Once your friend booked, you’ll receive a voucher for a €50 discount.
  • Do this with two more friends, and you’ll receive two more €50 discounts: a total of €150 off your next Boat Bike Tour!


That’s it!

The small print:

  • You may only give the code to friends who have never taken a Boat Bike Tour before.
  • The code may not be used by someone from your own household.
  • Each friend can only use a code once for a total of €50 discount per booking.
  • Your friend must enter the code, your first and last name and your email address while making the booking (for online booking) or give this information while booking by phone.
  • Your friend’s booking must have a minimum value of €950 per booking (not per person).
  • The discount code is valid for 11 months from when you receive it, so don’t wait to give it to your friends!
  • You will receive your discounts – up to €150 – when your friend has booked definitively.
  • Your discount from your friends starting their trips is valid for 11 months from when you receive it.
  • You can use your discount on any booking with a value of €950 or more.
  • Valid only for new bookings.
  • The discount applies only to the tours offered by Boat Bike Tours itself. Partner tours are excluded from this promotion.
  • The discount may not be combined with other discounts


Your and your friends’ information will not be passed on to anyone outside our organization. We promise!