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Agent left me with a bad impression

18 Jul 2023

Ms Annette Cheeseman

Wanted to know the approx ages of the people who’d already booked on a particular holiday but they would not divulge the information. All of the other companies do divulge this (it does not affect privacy if they are telling you how many people of each decade are booked on a trip.) I will go elsewhere. Agent ended the chat. How rude!

Reply from Boat Bike Tours 26 Jul 2023

Hi annete Cheeseman, I apologize for the negative experience you had with our agent. We deeply value your feedback and take this matter seriously. We understand that knowing the approximate ages of other travelers on a particular holiday can be important to you, and we regret that our agent could not provide this information. While we strive to protect the privacy of our customers, we also acknowledge that transparency is crucial. We will review our policies and training procedures to ensure that our agents can address customer inquiries more effectively and provide relevant information when possible. As a customer-focused company, we never want anyone to feel disrespected or ignored during their interactions with us. Ending the chat abruptly was not the appropriate response, and we apologize for any rudeness displayed by our agent. We genuinely appreciate your input, and your concerns will be taken into account as we work towards improving our services. If you decide to reconsider, we'd be more than willing to assist you further with your holiday plans or any other inquiries you may have. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience, and we hope to have the opportunity to restore your faith in our company. Kind regards, Romy

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