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26 Sep 2018

Michael Klupchak and Shawn O'Keefe Klupchak

As I understood it, the people running the trip on the boat do not work directly for the company that we booked with. Boat-Bike tours in Holland. The staff and crew are all very good. The itinerary and trip plans also were as advertised. The boat could use updating, and definitely better mechanical maintenance. We were supposed to have an air-conditioned room, as all of the units, and many of them did not work, including ours. Also, there was a sewer smell that was sometimes apparent in parts of the boat – sometimes in our cabin but fortunately not all the time – which some crewmembers said it was due to a broken pipe that had not been fixed. The air conditioning also often was not working well enough, and the dining room could get too warm at dinner.The worst part was the engine break down, which cost us a lost day of biking, which was very disappointing. That was coupled with the fact that we got stuck overnight at one stop because of low water, which then caused us to lose most of our plan full day in Vienna, and to have to take a bus to Vienna just to spend a few hours there Although things like this can happen, a lot of us were wondering why they didn’t have more information anticipating this low water problem, so we wouldn’t have got stuck. Most of the dinner food was good and the breakfast buffet was satisfactory. The food made available to pack lunches was subpar. The lunchmeat were not very good, and they also should’ve had some things that were not subject to heat, like peanut butter, so we didn’t have to have our lunch be outside in hot weather for many hours before eating it. We did bring our own little insulated lunch bags, but there was no ice or anything cold to put in there with the sandwiches The other big problem is water. It was hot most of our trip, plus we obviously were all engaging in a lot of exercise. However, we could not drink the water on the boat, and they would give you one small bottle each day to take biking with you. They also didn’t serve water at dinner, unless you wanted to pay for it. On a trip like this, there should be a lot of water provided, if they can’t make the boats water potable This is a good way to risk people getting the hydrated There was no information before the trip about the fact we would have to provide most of our own water.

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