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Boat a bust – bike a must!

10 Jul 2019

Carlos and Maria

You’ll read many reviews lauding the beauty and the fun of the biking portion of the trip (ours included), so I will not repeat them here. What was VERY disappointing were major deficiencies on our barge, The Fluvius. Sanitary concerns: The 6 cabins on the lower deck area we occupied were plagued with 4 days of fouls smells that emanated from our toilets. Our guide occupied one of the rooms and he called the toilets “volcanoes” because they bubbled loudly and off-gassed all day and night. One day we returned to our bathroom to find toilet waste splattered all over our sink (as it bubbled up from the sink drain pipe). Absolutely disgusting! We had to use a shared bath on the upper deck for washing and tooth brushing for the remainder of the trip due to to risk of infection/sickness. Inadequate ventilation and air conditioning: The cabin air conditioner didn’t work properly for 1-2 days. Even more aggravating was the intolerable high heat level in the dining room during 3 consecutive dinners. All of the guests were sweating profusely – really. WiFi – this isn’t 1990 so why did all 42 guests have to endure virtually non-functioning wifi? It was beyond slow (anyone remember dial-up modems?). Some days it simply was down. They brought a tech on board over 2 days to fix it and when he left it was even worse. The staff was fully aware of this and even had me go onto a sister barge to use their network one day. As mentioned, the biking was fabulous. The staff were stellar and the food and drink were fine. Our very strong suggestion is to use Boat Bike Tours but to NOT travel on the Fluvius, but rather, another vessel.

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