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22 Sep 2022

Martin Timmers

The trip was excellent although the ebikes were somewhat troublesome as many batteries did not last long enough to get riders through the day which was a problem to those who needed them. Food on board was good and the crew was very good. They did a very good job taking care of the guests especially the ones who were hurt during the rides, also some guests were sick and the crew showed genuine care towards the sick ones and did their best to do what they could. A general consensus among the guests was that a better selection could have been made for the breakfast food as the selection seemed to be limited to only three main breads and only one two slice toaster to serve 44 people and only one hour to work with. Coffee line ups were long as only one cup at a time could be made and often times in a small area people huddled there bumping into each other spilling food and coffee as they waited their turn to use the machine. We suggested the crew could make coffee in pots ahead of time to control the area as coffee is popular first thing in the morning. All together though we had a great trip with many memories to share and we thanked our tour guides for a job well done. This is as honest as we can put it and hopefully all can learn how to make things better not just for the crew who worked hard but also for the riders and we know some are just impatient. Thank you to the captain Volter who was amazing and a very friendly person. Thanks to all from the Timmers group from Canada.

Reply from Boat Bike Tours 23 Sep 2022

Thank you very much for your detailed review. We very much appreciate you providing us with feedback and bringing the issues to our attention. We are going to take immediate action and make sure that other e-bikes are boarded. We hope so see you back on one of our other tours. Warm regards, Romy

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