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14 Sep 2021

Marylise Ballarin-Devins

I ‘m used to enjoy one week biking with Bostbike every year since 2013 and this year it was a second tour, but not with Boatbike, but with Radreisen. Uselly I prefer small boats to have a better contact with small group, but I wanted to try the famous Danauweg without the enormous number of people who normally go on this route (because of the pandemia, there was much less people). Result: it was not so bad, but the route is a bit boring, not all the time but mainly, the number of kilometer is small. I was lucky to be with wonderful people the first night in the restaurant and this has give me a better feeling for the social side.But I still prefer small boats and I prefer to travel with Boatbike. Marylise

Reply from Boat Bike Tours 16 Sep 2021

Dear Marylise, Thank you so much for your review. How nice to read that you have been along for the ride so many times. A pity that the trip on the Danube was not as much to your liking. They are indeed quite large ships that provide cycling-boating vacations there. You have experienced the difference. We have a wide range of ships, in addition to the Netherlands we also have several smaller ships in France and Germany, perhaps interesting for next time? (although there is a chance that you have already been on one of these with its long travel experience!) Team Boat Bike Tours

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