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22 Sep 2022

Johanna Maria Van Engelen

We paid to have a boat and bike experience but many of the bikes were in terrible condition and we cd never enjoy the nights because they shut us out of everything on the boat whenever they felt like it. I don’t know why we weren’t allowed to sit in the lounge and play cards and enjoy others company if we wanted to stay up later. You know the rooms aren’t big enough to have extra people in them and it rained quite often so we couldn’t sit upstairs. Maybe there should have been more crew so the paying customers wouldn’t have been disrupted by the crews sleep schedule and someone could have worked a night shift. The best thing I can say about the tours is the bike guides. They were excellent. The food was good but a little more salads would have been nice. Also, you should know your crowd. The people who book. We requested lots of ice for drinks, for on the boat, and that was not taken care of. We had to purchase our own ice and still the crew had a hard time making there own ice and it was asked of them, before we sailed, that we would need lots of ice. (Canadian people like their drinks very cold.)

Reply from Boat Bike Tours 23 Sep 2022

Thank you very much for your e-mail. we really appreciate you bringing up the probelem about the e-bikes. We are going to take immediate action and make sure that other e-bikes are boarded. we are very sorry that you experienced the trip as average. The fact that you were not allowed to sit in the salon during the late evening is obviously unacceptable. We will discuss this with the owner and ask what is the reason for this. Nevertheless, thank you for leaving your review. You help us a lot with this. Best, Romy

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