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Over all, we had a great time.

10 Jul 2023


The crew was friendly, quick to help and generally fun to have around. Commoradery with other group members was great. Perfect size for the type of cruise. Guides knew where they were taking us and from time to time would give us interesting information about the sites we would pass by. It would have been nice to have a few more picnic sites to stop at for lunch although I suppose others prefer the cafes. The food was very good, a few more vegetables would be good. EG. We had beef stew one night, there were barely any vegetables in the stew. Accomodations were very good, slept great. Shower was great. For the most part the bikes were in good shape except for a couple of bikes. We had one significant medical issue with a crew member which was handled well. However the response to bike spills and minor accidents tended to be lackadaisical. One member ended up crashing into a bridge railing and was in considerable pain. The guide’s response lacked the appropriate response at the time. The next day he showed more concern when she continued to be in pain. Over all, it was a great experience.

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