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15 Jun 2023

Steve and Karen Bade

Captain: Jan Mate:Robin Chef:Agnus Hostess: Sandra Guide: Simon All were exceptional! They each did their jobs extremely well and professionally. They made our trip memorable enjoyable and fun. The chef did a tremendous job in very small quarters to prepare the meals. The food was excellent, with a very diversified menu. The captain was great. He made us all feel welcome and shared his knowledge openly. The hostess was very helpful and accommodating. The mate did an excellent job assisting all crew members and the guests. The guide was also top/notch. Simon was a great leader very empathetic, very caring, very informative and just a plain good human being. He was patient and tolerant of everyone. The room, beds and bathroom were all a person needed and very practical for our needs. I recommend a bike/barge trip to everyone.

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