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The Hanseatic Tour on the DeNassau

31 Jul 2019

Mark Silverman

The Hanseatic Tour The renovation of the De Nassau was not complete as evidenced by the non-working air conditioning in our cabin; the flickering lights in the salon during meals; and the toilet paper fixture falling off the wall. The hotel manager promised to have the air conditioning fixed on three occasions and it never happened. The tour seems organized for German tourists — the food was obviously geared toward their tastes and only minimally toward the area we were touring in (The Netherlands); and the nightly briefing by the tour guide was 45 minutes of German and 15 minutes of English. The amount of information about the area we were about to ride through was minimal. We also missed out on preparation emails regarding the GPS app that we were supposed to download. We were surprised to find the exact same breakfast and lunch every day of the trip. The selection was surprising not Dutch in the selection of cheese, etc. Our last trip (with Eurosail) was much more geared to the area we were in and there was much greater variety. Lastly the ship’s crew although very hard working and polite was understaffed. Dinner took over 2 hours each night which left little time for town walks. The bikes were not thoroughly prepped before the start. Some tires were low, and this was not addressed unless the rider requested it. The routes were lovely, the GPS app great and the itinerary seemed well planned.

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