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We were on a different boat than what…

13 Jun 2019

Anne Wilson Rizk

We were on a different boat than what we booked on because of incomplete renovations on the da Nassau. So the first night was a little disorganized for example no one knew how to call Another room from your own room and the waiters were running all over the place it was extremely hot the first few days and the air conditioning was not working well and no one could fix it it was really hot we changed our table so that we could be a little cooler. After that the waiters were great the weather cooled down and one of the crew figured out the phones. The food was great our guide was great “Josie” the cabins were fine the riding was good but a bit monotonous but overall I really liked the boat bike trip and would consider another one I don’t want you to think I’m being overly critical I’m just giving you helpful hints

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