About this ship: Atlantis

About the ship
The imposing three-masted barquentine Atlantis is a real eye-catcher in every harbor thanks to its size and its 14 sails with a sail area of almost 750 m² (8,073 sq ft). The ship has 16 comfortable twin cabins with shower, toilet and air conditioning. Built in 1905 and christened Elbe 2, it served as a lightship in the German part of the North Sea for over 70 years. In 1984 it started a new life when it was converted into a sailing ship, equipped with the rigging of a barquentine. This means that the forward mast of the sailing vessel is rigged side to side across the ship and the other masts are rigged along its length. The ship was extensively restored and modernized in 2005 and made suitable for elegant sailing cruises with passengers in terms of interior and comfort.

Description of the cabins
The Atlantis has 16 comfortable guest cabins, each with its own bathroom with shower and toilet. All cabins are located below deck and are equipped with two separate single beds, central heating and air conditioning. The cabins are practical and elegant, offer enough space for your luggage and exude a maritime atmosphere.

Description of the ship
The renovation created a beautiful nautical-style salon and a spacious upper deck including seating and a cocktail bar. Meals are served in the salon when the weather prevents outdoor dining, and drinks are available at the bar. The salon also has a sound system and a beamer. Even when the ship is fully occupied, there is enough room for passengers to quietly read a book in peace. On the spacious deck of the Atlantis, guests will find plenty of spots in the shade as well as in the sun to relax and enjoy watching the scenery pass by. However, the highlight and centerpiece of the Atlantis is the outdoor bar, where the crew – in keeping with the atmosphere – is happy to mix tasty drinks and cocktails for you. Plus, the deck is perfect for any other meal, when the weather allows. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than a lovingly prepared dinner on the deck of a tall ship at sunset. The Atlantis’ unique charm is due to its stylish interior and a helpful and highly experienced crew.

Guests on board the Atlantis can expect an experienced and enthusiastic crew and excellent catering. And, of course, a one-of-a-kind nautical experience on an authentic three-masted ship. With a passionate sailing crew, the most modern navigation equipment, and all of the safety equipment required for worldwide voyaging, a sailing trip with this sturdy three-master is a fantastic adventure.

Facts about the ship

  • Length: 57 m (185 ft.)
  • Width: 7.5 m (24 ft.)
  • Draft: 4.5 m (24 ft.)
  • Masts: 3
  • Mast height: 31 m (101 ft)
  • Sail surface: 742 m2
  • Cabins: 16
  • Passengers: 32 (max.)
  • Crew: 6-8