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Rotterdam Round tour.
Exploring Zeeland The sea is always near

The sea is always near

Delta Works, Holland’s storm barriers

Paradise for flora and fauna lovers

Ship with max. 96 passengers

Duration of the tour.
tijd2 Created with Sketch. 8 days
4 stars
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  • Guided cycling: A tour leader will guide you during the cycling days
  • Independent cycling: No tour leader, the ships’ crew does daily briefing, independent cycling
guidance Independent cycling
  • Level 1: easy tours, very flat terrain
  • Level 2: quite easy tours, mostly flat terrain
  • Level 3: requires a higher level of exertion, medium hilly terrain
  • Level 4: for experienced cyclists, hilly terrain with climbs
Difficulty level 1 Difficulty level 1

Bike and barge tours Netherlands; explore the Dutch way

Most people will probably have preconceptions of the Netherlands, whether this is luscious fields full of tulips in spring, Amsterdam’s stately canals lined with Golden Era-townhouses or windmills and quaint medieval towns where Dutch artists created masterpieces… Bike and barge tours in the Netherlands combine all of these elements and more to give you a deeper insight into Dutch culture and the country’s verdant and varied landscapes.

What’s more, these tours make the most of the traditional forms of local transport — biking through the country’s (almost) 35,000 kilometers of cycle lanes and cruising through its vast network of rivers, canals, lakes, and marine waters.

Cycle and sail through Holland… or is that the Netherlands?

Holland and the Netherlands are one and the same, right? “Nee!”, say the Dutch.

Holland is but one region of the Netherlands; admittedly a very important one, made of the two provinces of Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland, and containing the three largest Dutch cities — the capital Amsterdam, the port and architecture city Rotterdam and politics center The Hague. Nevertheless, our Bike and barge tours Netherlands do, of course, come here!

Take, for example, our Holland Tulip Tours, on which guests cycle between the vast blooming flower parks and historical cities of North and South Holland, and sleep in their comfortable barge quarters in the evenings. But it would be criminal to suggest that these are the only bike and barge tours that the Netherlands has to offer!

Bike and barge tours in other regions of the Netherlands

We offer cycling tours coupled with cozy boating accommodation/transportation in the Wadden Sea and its gorgeous islands in the north, from Amsterdam to Germany on the majestic Rhine River, and through the green riverscapes and polders of the country’s heart while journeying towards one of the contry’s oldest cities, Maastricht, the vibrant southern city on the River Meuse, almost surrounded by Belgium and Germany.

Still not quite what you’re looking for? No problems. We offer 22 wonderful bike and barge tours through the Netherlands, so take a closer look or get in touch with our team!