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VideosOnline Video Course Boat Bike Tours

Online Video Course Boat Bike Tours

Our tour leader Hans takes you into the world of Boat Bike Tours in eight short videos. In eight travel episodes, you‘ll find out what you can experience on a bike and boat trip and what a typical day on our ships looks like

Video 1: The great natural landscapes that you can explore on our Tours

The first video is all about the beautiful nature that you can enjoy on our tours. With our diverse selection of trips, there is something for everyone!


Video 2: One of the most important rooms on the ship: your cabin

In this video you can take a closer look at your floating hotel room! Hans will guide you through the different cabins you can choose from.


Video 3: All about the food (and drink) on board our ships

During our tours most meals are included! In this video you will get an idea of how the meals are provided on our tours.


Video 4: How your bicycling day at Boat Bike Tours is organized

This video revolves around our bicycles! Whether e-bike or normal bike, guided or individual, long or short tours – you have the free choice with us.


Video 5: The various boat at Boat Bike Tours

Hans introduces you to our different ships and our collaboration with Justdiggit (part of our sustainability program) in the following video.


Video 6: A day on the bike with Boat Bike Tours

Our tours are incredibly diverse and offer plenty of sights to explore during your trip. From natural landscapes to metropolises, we have it all.


Video 7: Watch our unique way of traveling

A special highlight of our tours is definitely traveling on our ships, which makes for an unforgettable vacation experience. Learn more about it in this video!


Video 8:Meet the Boat Bike Tours team

In this video Hans introduces you to our team that makes your trip possible and is always ready to answer any questions you may have.