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Our tour leaders 

We have them in all shapes and sizes, from different backgrounds and areas of interest. All of our tour leaders are enthusiastic, cordial, flexible, well trained, and multi-lingual – all speak English, German and Dutch, some speak French or Italian too. They are responsible for the logistical and organizational aspects of our tours.

Our tour leaders are also the first contact person for all guests and (during a fully-guided tour) will guide you during cycling. Every evening after dinner, he or she discusses the next day’s ride, answers questions, shares some tips, and tells you where to find the best spots for a break or for visiting local attractions.

See more about the role of a tour leader here.

  • Alita van Wanrooij

    Alita van Wanrooij

    My name is Alita van Wanrooij. For more than 8 years I have been leading …

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  • André Buimer

    André Buimer

    I am Andre Buimer, 65 years young, and I live with my family in the …

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  • Angela Charnock

    Angela Charnock

    If, like me, you grew up traveling, but then as an adult you’ve lived in …

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  • Anneke Frankenberg

    Anneke Frankenberg

    A life without a bicycle seems unthinkable to me. It’s not only a super-practical means …

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  • Arendina Borreman

    Arendina Borreman

    I love to have adventures and to travel and be outdoors and I enjoy the …

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  • Arnold Thurkow

    Arnold Thurkow

    Like many Dutch people, I was born on a bicycle. For those who can cycle, …

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  • Esther Nouse

    Esther Nouse

    I was born in the heart of Zeeland where I had a very happy childhood. …

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  • Francien van der Lee

    Francien van der Lee

    I have been an avid cyclist for as long as I can remember. I use …

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  • Frans Witkamp

    Frans Witkamp

    I’m Frans Witkamp, and I’ve actually been a host in a lot of different (working) …

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  • Fred van Leeuwen

    Fred van Leeuwen

    2022 is my tenth year working as a tour guide on a bicycle! Before this …

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  • Gijsbert Valstar

    Gijsbert Valstar

    My whole life has been about travel by bike. As a child I grew up …

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  • Hans Kamstra

    Hans Kamstra

    For the last 8 years I have been a tour guide for a large travel …

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  • Hans Spithoven

    Hans Spithoven

    Travelling is one of the most exciting experiences you can have. In 2000, I left …

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  • Hester van Vliet

    Hester van Vliet

    Boating and cycling: they’re both in my DNA and I can’t decide which I like …

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  • Hetty van Lemmen

    Hetty van Lemmen

    You only live once, so in 2015 I changed the course of my life. And …

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  • Hilde Beijer

    Hilde Beijer

    Every week is a party when I’m on the road with Boat Bike Tours. Enjoying …

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  • Ilse Janneman

    Ilse Janneman

    Riding a bike makes me feel good. There’s no better way to see, feel and …

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  • Ingrid van de Grint

    Ingrid van de Grint

    My name is Ingrid van de Grint and I have been working in tourism since …

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  • Johannes Jensma

    Johannes Jensma

    As a child, I was on and around the water almost every weekend, and every …

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  • José Klein Hesselink-Sluis

    José Klein Hesselink-Sluis

    I was born and raised in the beautiful Achterhoek and live with my husband and …

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  • Marie-José Thurkow-de Veer

    Marie-José Thurkow-de Veer

    My motto is: Live a life you’ll remember! After studying Business Economics, I had a …

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  • Marije Dijkstra

    Marije Dijkstra

    Hello, my name is Marije and for as long as I can remember I’ve loved …

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  • Michiel van der Ark

    Michiel van der Ark

    What started as a year of backpacking through North America turned into a lifelong passion …

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  • Nel den Boer

    Nel den Boer

    I’m Nel den Boer. I grew up in the Alblasserwaar, a gorgeous old Dutch landscape …

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  • Nico van Es

    Nico van Es

    I’m the most senior of the tour leaders at Boat Bike Tours, but I still …

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  • Niels de Jong

    Niels de Jong

    Biking is, to me, the best way to explore a country. The speed is perfect …

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  • Patrick van t Hooft

    Patrick van t Hooft

    After my studies in tourism, completed in 1976, I have always worked in the tourism …

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  • Peter Van Avermaet

    Peter Van Avermaet

    Since my bachelor studies in Tourism in 1976, I’ve worked in the tourism sector. In …

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  • Peter Verstraten

    Peter Verstraten

    Before being a tour leader for Boat Bike Tours, I was a city guide in …

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  • Rianne Hendricks

    Rianne Hendricks

    I’ve seen a lot of the world. But there’s nothing I like beter than showing …

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  • Stella Kuper

    Stella Kuper

    I enjoy leading trips for Boat Bike Tours. The great thing about my work as …

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  • Tamara Veenendaal

    Tamara Veenendaal

    Hi! I’m Tamara, also known as Tamy. I’ve been a travel leader since 2006 and …

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  • Thomas Wuts

    Thomas Wuts

    I started as a tour guide in 1998, fascinated by what I consider the ideal …

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  • Tom Stout

    Tom Stout

    It is fun to see a new group of travelers of all ages and nationalities …

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  • Wilma Wassenaar

    Wilma Wassenaar

    I am an adventurous globetrotter; without a challenge there is no life. Born in Santpoort, …

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